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First part of trip is London- New york..

So we left Portsmouth at 06.30 in the morning for a nice little 22 hour trip to Panama...everything went pretty smoothly until the transfer in first time on the american continent, and this is the welcome!
The bureacracy started already a month before I started travelling when I found out htat I had to get a new passport , even though I had 6 years left on the previous passport....really annoying to get a new one as it costs a bit of money, and I had planned to fill all the pages in my last passport with different visas, and only 3 pages away from it......
Then there was lots of forms to be filled out for my 1 hour stay in USA.

After a comfortable 7,5 hour flight from London we touched down in New york where the fun started. We had 2 hours for our next flight, and did`nt expect it to be much of a problem.

OVer the dam
..First thing that met us was the queue we would be standing in the next 45 minutes , which was actually the queue to get to the actual queue to the border police. The border police checked our forms where we had ofcourse stated that : " No , I did not participate in mass genocide of anyone in the years between 1933-1945" and "no , I have`nt planned any terrorist attacks against US lately" .
I can`t really imagine the terrorist thinking that he should not lie, as that is really bad carma, and answering YES to those questions..

The border people even wanted pictures of us, and even worse fingerprints from all the fingers. That is something which really annoys me , the thought of loosing my anonymity forever, well knowing that my fingerprint will be in some massive american archive used for good or evil. I`ve had lots of transit , and never even been asked the passport, which is logically as I don`t wish to enter the actual country of transit...but not here..nooooo...

Even the luggage had to be rechecked to go further....then we had to get in line for a horribly long line for the security obviously....but at this point after 1hour and 45 minutes of bureaucracy we had 20 minutes to flight departure...just barely made our way after pushing through the control...

In the country of our destination, Panama, the whole procedure took about 15 minutes...





Stigen says:
I"ll do anything to avoid another stopover in the US of A....that sucks...on my way back I had to go past at least 5 police/border people , and one of them found me suspicious so searched me , took my passport and took forever checking all my luggage so I almost lost the plane..
Posted on: Sep 30, 2010
debsadams1979 says:
I have met people who go out of their way to not to have connect through the US these days to get to Central America, though I don't recommend using Iberia and flying from Madrid either as I've known two people who said that was an equally unpleasant experience.
Posted on: Sep 29, 2010
Stigen says:
yeah...and I have to go there again tomorrow....dreading it now...
Posted on: Oct 14, 2009
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First part of trip is London- New …
First part of trip is London- New…
OVer the dam
OVer the dam
New York
photo by: herman_munster