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First time at the sanctuary

All ready to leave Puerto Limon ! It was a real dump-hole. Lonely planet says it is a charming little town by the ocean…..well this place is a charming as dirty underwear.

I landed in another desperate situation when I discovered that my VISA card didn’t work ! Not in 4 different ATM`s , and the bank worked for an hour trying to take out money from it without being able to help me.

It is a horrible situation to be in ! I had 12$ left, and no way to get more money. I spent some of it for a bus ride to Cahuita, as I would certainly not spend another night in this town, specially not considering that I would most likely have to sleep on the streets.

I had some destructive thinking on the bus ride there.

pretty guy
I knew that transferring money takes like a week, so what would I do then !

I had enough money for one night in the cheapest hostel in Cahuita, or 2 nights if I didn’t eat anything. I could see myself sleeping in a tree in the outskirts of the town, begging my new monkey friends for some food. And we would be a happy little colony, with me accepted as the new alpha male.

I got to town, and was running around in the horrible pouring rain looking for the cheapest dig in town. I found it in the end, and it was a pretty grim place, but at least it was only 6$ a night.

I didn’t eat anything but crackers and white bread that day. Then at the end of the day my mother told me that it wasn’t my card that was bad, it was some morons in the bank that had made a mistake !

All this trouble for that ! Annoying! But at least in the end I managed to get money out ,so I was saved ,hooray! !

I had wasted the better part of the day worrying about that stuff, but now I was determined to go see the Sloths at the sloth rescue center which is a good drive from town.


I went walking in the pouring tropical rainstorm with absolute intention of reaching that place ! I managed to get hike, and reached the rescue center. There I got to meet my favourite animal ; the sloth ! There was both 2 and 3-toed sloths there. One of them was really curious of me and came all the way over to me to smell me ! Great animals these are !

I will surely go there again another day before I leave this place ! I even talked to the boss at the center about volunteering to do veterinary work at some point, but she said that was only for local vets to do.

Stigen says:
Was'nt too fun , but at least I have learned to keep at least 50-100$ reserve now !
Posted on: Apr 13, 2011
jesa145 says:
oh deary me! I think I would have not handled this situation very well and panicked!
Glad it all worked out and it truly is a good story... a good lesson too i'm sure you'll travel with more that $12 next time... !
Posted on: Apr 10, 2011
carlydc1985 says:
Wow, this is horrifying and hysterical (since it wasn't me.) Hopefully you can laugh at this now. Happy you made it through!
Posted on: Mar 07, 2011
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First time at the sanctuary
First time at the sanctuary
pretty guy
pretty guy
forrest in Cahuita
forrest in Cahuita
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