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The ugliest church ever (uglier in real life even)

I left San Juan Del Sur early in the morning with the first bus at 07.00. Then I met some dutch guys that I crossed the border with. The border was as dirty today as it was last week , no surprise.

Then I had to take the bus all the way to San Josè�that was a pretty horrible trip , took 7,5 hours, when it`s supposed to take 4,5 hours�.eternal traffic mess in San Josè!

So I was in a bad spot now, It was almost dark when I reached the bus terminal for the Caribbean buses going to Puerto Limon. Both the people on the other bus, and my taxi driver had reacted by saying : â??muy Peligrosoâ?? when I said I was going to Puerto Limon.

Charming town?
By the help of my dictionary I found out that that means â??very dangerousâ?? Great ! I was arriving to a very dangerous place after nightfall and without a place to stay. So I came up with a backup plan ; I would go to a village half an hour from Puerto Limon and stay there instead. That plan was effectively destroyed when the bus driver told me that this village was much more dangerous then Puerto Limon ! Super! I skipped El Salvador to avoid danger , only to be going straight for it.

I felt a bit anxious on the busâ?¦.but after 14 hours(horrible day) of sitting on busses I was in Puerto Limon, the city that would be my entry to go see the pretty sloth ! All I do to see these animals !

The end of a shitty day was even worse then I could have imagined.

Charming streets..
Got of the bus and started walking for the hotel I had set my mind on, which was the only decent hotel in town according to the book. I didnâ??t feel safe in these streets, there where gangs at every corner, and loads of others just standing around. The cars in this place were all like typical pimped up drug dealer cars, drug dealing is the main occupation in this city, which is partly why it is dangerous..

I walked half the way to the hotel, but didnâ??t dare walk any longer when there was an area without street light, and also it was raining heavily, and I was getting soaked. I took a taxi the 200 meters left. The hotel looked nice and clean, and at this point I really didnâ??t care about price, just wanted to lay down and not go back out again.

I certainly didnâ??t want to stay in the other hotel in this street, which according to my book is about half the price, but also a hotel where prostitutes, dock workers and drug dealers like to live in.

The worst room ever... claustrophobic as well..

The the shock - the nice hotel was all booked! So then I went over to the other hotel with extreme scepticism. This place was just as much of a rat hole as I was expecting, maybe even worse. The receptionist showed me a room, and I must admit that this is the first time a hotel room has made me feel physically ill. It was the smallest room ever, stinking of smoke, and with an ugly little bed.

I considered my choices for a whileâ?¦. I could go back out in the pouring rain and run around with my big backpack as a walking target for every scum in the city that want to rob me,or worse., or I could check into the room. So I returned to the streetâ?¦.but had to retreat after 10 minutes of looking as some of the gangs where getting a bit too close.

So I was bound to stay there , together with prostitutes and dock workers (I only saw the dock workers).

It isnâ??t the best memory, but I certainly wonâ??t go to Puerto Limon again, at least I learned something !


Stigen says:
It does help if there are more tourists , and if the weather is better....I was just having a vey bad dayt with everything happening...and the dirty room.
Posted on: Feb 05, 2011
kingoftheicedragons says:
Wow, your experience there was totally different than mine. Of course, I didn't stay the night in Puerto Limon and was only there daying daylight hours. I thought it was a nice, quaint little city, and I did feel fairly safe, but that's because we were on a cruise ship so there were always lots of people in the part of town we were in, and there was plenty of police presence.
Posted on: Feb 05, 2011
Stigen says:
probably would have been the best idea yeah...
Posted on: Oct 11, 2009
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The ugliest church ever (uglier in…
The ugliest church ever (uglier i…
Charming town?
Charming town?
Charming streets..
Charming streets..
The worst room ever... claustropho…
The worst room ever... claustroph…
Puerto Limon
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