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Talking to tour info

Going from Manue Antonio to San Josè was far from the smooth easy ride we were expecting. The day before we had talked to this really crazy tourist information guy in Manuel Antonio that was arranging the bus for us to go to Arenal. Why we trusted him I do not understand when looking back on it. I suppose we just liked him because he was a seriously funny guy(although we were laughing at him, not with him..). He was sitting at this little desk in the middle of this strret by the beach where all the resturants were. When we approached him the first time we only had a very simple question for him : how much does a scuba dive cost here.

sign along the road -watch out for sloths !
That took him like 30 minutes to figure out, and he got seriously stressed , because we were the only tourists that asked him anything that day. He was calling, and sweating, and sooo happy when he finally managed to call the dive-center (something we could have managed our selves in a much shrter time. When we approached him the next day about the bus, he was still suffering the after effects of all the stress from the previous day when he was asked a question. So we just asked him about the bus, and sat down in the nearby restaurant for some drinks….and that was a good idea as spent the better parts of an hour to book us the bus to Arenal. And then every 5 minutes he would come over to our table and ask us questions we had already answered like 5 times before , like ; “ so you want to take a bus tomorrow to Arenal ?”- yeeeeess, for the 10th. Time……”so you want a pickup at the Coco Beach hotel? “ -yeeeees , I`ve already written it down on two separate papers with my name,the time we want to travel and our hotel.

And even though he was completely useless at his job, I`ve never seen anyone take more pride and enthusiasm in their work. He was the strangest and involuntarily funniest guy I’ve met.
The next morning the bus was supposed to pick us up at 07.00 at our hotel , and take us to Arenal in 3,5 hours….Of course the bus never showed up, and that moron had made us pay everything in advance , 60 $ ! Our day was totally messed up because of him . We had to go back to the tourist information to claim our money back, but were unsecure if we would get them as we felt like we had been swindled by this guy.. The woman there was very apologetic, and agreed that this guy was pretty crazy, even supported us when we wanted to include the police. Fortunately it did`n`t come to that as her boss showed up and gave us all our money back. The crazy guy nobody could find as he did`nt have a phone, and he never returned to his hostel the night before.

Then we`d actually been hussled two times in this place, as the bar we went to last night had told us we would get 2 drinks for the price of 1, but after we`d had one drink each and asked for the bill it was almost 3 times higher than it should be. We told the waiter before the drink that we`d like 2 drinks for the price of one, and he fetched them. Then when asking him afterwards he said that the 2 for 1 is only if 1 person drinks both drinks ! The worst of all is that he had the nerve to claim that he had told us this. And it was`nt even 2 for one ,as they actually adds to the price if you would have 2 drinks, and of course they put 35 % extra on the bill in taxes, and tips for themselves , like they deserved it !. I can`t stand places that put tip on the bill, then they really don`t have to give any good service at all because they know that they`ll have their tip anyway. If the service is good, or even acceptable I will tip , but if the service is bad and the people are rude I would like to reserve the right to not tip anything..

So if you`re ever in Manuel Antonio don`t trust the tourist information ,and certainly don`t eat or drink at the nearby rastafari resturant - they are bad people with bad service

After reclaiming our money we had to take the local busses to get to Arenal , which was anything but an easy affair. The bus that was supposed to take 3 hours to San Jose actually took like 5 hours…and no aircondition -sweaty !
When arriving to San Josè the last bus to Arenal was just leaving the station as we were coming in….great… we had to spend the night in the city we never even remotely wanted to go to : Beautiful(irony…) San Josè

silverbacker says:
Posted on: Aug 27, 2017
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Talking to tour info
Talking to tour info
sign along the road -watch out for…
sign along the road -watch out fo…
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