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We spent a hot and relaxing twelve hours here, breaking up our journey from Iguazu to Salta. Lots of lazing about in the parks, seeing a hundred or so sculptures (they're everywhere!) and seeing the most un-tourist destination of our trip so far. Managed to find an air-conditioned restaurant for lunch which was needed, as we were restricted to walking about 20 minutes at a time in the heat.

Couple of stories from our day here. First was trying to leave luggage at the bus station. Sarah thought it was 2 pesos per bag an hour (not bad we thought) and we tried to explain how long we'd be gone for. This resulted in some confusion, and after several minutes of not quite understanding, we finally grasped that it was in fact 2 pesos for the day. Suspiciously cheap we thought, and we were a little reluctant to leave... Thankfully we retrieved our bags at the end of the day just as we left them.

We also had our first proper 'conversation' with a local - our taxi man named Joe. He didn't speak English, we don't understand much Spanish, so it was a fun 15 minute drive to the station of repeated words and miming. Turned out his daughter collects foreign currency and having told him where we were from, he was asking if we had any we could give. I felt a bit bad at only having a 20p and 2p, but he seemed happy enough!! Felt good to have actually interracted with a local, but our speed of understanding may need to improve somewhat.

Caught on overnight bus to Salta, where Sarah will pick up the story...


sylviandavid says:
pretty cheap to leave the luggage.... :P
Posted on: Jan 22, 2010
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