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River Plate Stadium for Argentina v Peru

Since last writing it feels like we've been packing things in. Friday we spent the day in Tigre, a short train ride away from BA, trawling the endless craft market and cruising the ParaƱa delta in glorious sunshine. It's a hard life this travel thing. Saturday morning was seeing the posher side of BA in the suburbs of Recoleta and Palermo, including a trip to Recoleta cemetry, which is more of a mini city for the dead. Very strange place, with the same mix of beauty and rundown-ness (can't think of another word) that is characteristic of BA.

Of course all this was simply a prelude to the big match; it didn't disappoint.

Arriving at the stadium on foot (having been told by a taxi driver that to drive was too much hassle so we should walk) we swiftly bought a scarf to show our allegiance and joined the queue to get in.

Caminito in Boca
Sarah managed to pass through fine, but my Sigg water bottle was deemed dangerous, as I was obviously very likely to throw it at someone rather than merely drink water from it. I spent the next quarter of an hour playing the role of an ignorant tourist to the police and finally was sent back through the queue with the water bottle back in the bag, having been told "no look" by a matronly police woman. It seemed to work as I was treated to just a cursory pat on the bag before being allowed in.

The atmosphere that greeted us inside the stadium was immense. Plenty of singing and flag waving as we tried to find our seats - quite hard when no rows are numbered. In the end we got to the right sort of area and just took some available seats; it seemed to be the done thing.

San Telmo antiques market
As did sitting on the backs of the wooden chairs rather than in them. Soon after we were seated the players were out and lined up. The Peru national anthem was surprisingly respected, at least until the fans decided it had been going long enough.

The match itself was almost all out attack by Argentina in the first half, but no goals. Second half started much the same, but with a goal for the home side down our end. The volume of the singing rose another notch and the jumping on the seats began. As if on cue the heavens opened, but even this failed to quieten the fans. I was quite thankful for the shelter having left the waterproofs at the hostel... With a few minutes to go the victory singing began and we were so involved that our whole end of the stadium initially failed to realise Peru had equalised in the last minute. Disaster for the fans, until the 2nd minute of added time when Argentina scored to take the win. More singing and dancing in the rain followed!

We managed to make it home safely, despite being drenched, failing to get to a train station, buying burgers at a kebab van equivalent, getting a taxi and jumping on the last metro home. All in all a pretty good day.

Today has been much more relaxed - visiting the local Sunday antiques market and wandering to colourful Caminto in Boca. We'e due to fly south tomorrow morning to pop into Chile for a 4/5 day hike in Torres del Paine national park (google image it) so this may be the last you hear from us for a week or so.



t3dvb says:
Hi there! Don't act the ignorant tourist too often! Sounds fun for you (would be very stressful for me)though I'd have loved the market I'm sure. Missing you here - very strange still. Take care of yourselves
Much love
Mum xxxx
Posted on: Oct 12, 2009
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River Plate Stadium for Argentina …
River Plate Stadium for Argentina…
Caminito in Boca
Caminito in Boca
San Telmo antiques market
San Telmo antiques market