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In a pedalo on Lake Titicaca

I'm sitting here in Copacabana, feeling sunburned, with sore muscles from too much hill walking in a short space of time. However, we are safe, well and content.

I thought I'd start with that as our journey to Copacabana (Copa) was a little dodge. First Luke woke with a pretty bad tummy bug. The Bolivian road to Copa was still blocked by angry people but our tour company had arranged a 'slight' diversion (through Peru) and informed us it should only cost an extra 7-8 bolivianos and we would be staying on the bus the whole way. Oh and it added an extra 3 hours to the journey time.

Initially everything was great, except for Luke's stomach issues. Then we hit the border. We are told to disembark and once our passports are exit stamped to collect our bags from the bus and walk across into Peru. A new bus will meet us there to take us to Copa. OK no biggie. Except for the two and a half hour wait at Peruvian immigration in the heat, with Luke having to spend his time sitting in the shade.

Back on our new bus, we tried to stay awake as the next border crossing (back into Bolivia) was only 40mins away. Or so we thought, halfway through this journey, we are informed by the bus operator that he has not received our tickets from La Paz and that everyone had to pay him 50 bolivianos! We were near the back of the bus and by the time he got to us the price was only 25,  but still it didn't make sense to pay him more for an already paid for journey. After a few discussions, he stopped the bus in the middle of nowhere and said if we didn't pay we were walking. We paid but made sure we had a receipt to collect our money back.

Ten minutes later we arrive at the border and told the bus goes no further and there will be another waiting for us on the other side. A little skeptical at this point, we ask lots of questions but are reassured with a smile that everything will be fine. The bus leaves for Puno. We are left to cross the border on foot and are meet by some minivans to drive us the further 8km to Copa. Relief to have made it, Luke crashes in the hostel and Sarah goes to seek a refund, only to learn that we should have only paid 3 Bolivianos for that journey and that as its the Puno part of the company they can not give us a refund. Sadly I don't think we will see that money again. I think from now on we will try and take local transport rather than the tourist ones and we'll never again trust a Peruvian dressed in a Brazil shirt asking for Bolivian money!

Copa is just lovely though and the sun has been shining brightly. Yesterday we set off for a 17km walk to Yumpupata (a small village at the tip of the peninsula) and caught a boat across to Isla Del Sol (Island of the Sun). It was a neat, unique expereince to be rowed across Lake Titicaca by a 75 year old, toothless man - Sabino. Landing near Yumani we had the afternoon to explore an Inca palace, find a hostel, attempt to watch a sunset and crash.

Today we set off early in some rain to the northern part of the island for some more Inca ruins and exploring. Only got lost once and managed to find the track again with the help of a kind shepherd. Good day of walking (6 hours in total) and a pleasant boat ride back to Copa.
We are now ready for some aftersun, a quite night, some trout fresh from the lake and a good night sleep. Tomorrow we head into Cusco, Peru.

Sarah xx

sylviandavid says:
How annoying is that to pay too much with no way to get a refund.... but you put it in the best light... good for you... sylvia
Posted on: Jan 22, 2010
t3dvb says:
Hi there! It might have worked, Ro!! Seem to be back in the right place to leave a comment although not sure how I got here or if I will make it again. Anyway - we are loving the blog, too and I have been very frustrated not to be able to leave comments. Sounds my idea of a complete nightmare, but we are glad you are having fun :-) Love you both Mum and Dad
Posted on: Nov 18, 2009
bandrcarey says:
Was great to get your email this am and know you are well and dandy and taking time to rest those calf muscles, I must say you have Dad very confident that you will be both so fit and strong that he will not need to take a pack at all on your tramp! He is walking twice a day to hopefully be able to keep up with you!
Weather is trying hard to be summer the Dio pool is open for brave first time swimmers but I have not been in yet!

Love you, counting sleeps!
Posted on: Nov 18, 2009
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In a pedalo on Lake Titicaca
In a pedalo on Lake Titicaca
photo by: aliciaaa