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View over the city

We didn't really know what to expect in Salta; we had read from the lonely planet that it was known for being a bit of an adventure capital and had a cable car up a hill to overlook the city. I was thinking Queenstown.

Arriving at 7am, this is definitely not Queenstown, in a good way. It's hot, surrounded by desert and is missing a lake. But it does have a lot on offer in terms of adventure and daytrips, the cable car was well worth the lookout and the 1000 plus steps down was also fun. We have stayed here a couple of nights and have filled our two and a half days to the max.

Friday afternoon was spent booking trips, exploring the old colonial buildings of the town and history museum (all in Spanish, but we got the gist) and riding the cable car.

Winding road to Cachi

Saturday, I left early for my white water rafting trip, a 2 hour drive away from Salta through dusty roads and cacti, we ended up at an oasis of a place where they offer rafting, zip lines and trekking. There were only 3 of us on the trip, myself, Erica and her daughter Naiara,  which meant that we got an amazing day with the river all to ourselves. It was stunning, both the scenery and the 10 rapids, had a lot of fun, got wet and managed not to fall out (unless the giude purposefully tipped me out when I was wetting my hair to cool down). We were well prepared if the raft happened to tip or we lost someone overboard by the help of Callie and Kami, two golder retrivers fitted with their own lifejackets with a handle on them, trained that if someone grabbed hold they would swim them safely to shore.

Colourful rock and cacti
It was the cutest thing! They also got to enjoy the fun of rafting, sitting with us in the boat and moving every now and then to help balance the weight. After a full day, I returned to the hostel tired, but ready to hear how Luke had got on with his day.

Luke had braved the local buses to the San Lorenzo Quebrada to spend his afternoon trekking in the heat. He described it as beatuful and peaceful. Back together again we headed off to the sister hostel for some Asado (BBQ) and some table tennis. We like it here.

Today we toured to the West to a small town called Cachi - saw lots of cool things on the way, This landscape is like nothing I've ever seen before. Cacti, condors and colourful rocks were the highlights.

Head off tonight at half midnight to the boarder ready to enter Boliva on foot (strange) on Monday.

Lots of love

bandrcarey says:
Wow you two, it is great to read about your travels in a place where we have absolutely no idea where you are! WHAT A MAGNIFICANT place it is!

Sarah I am glad you survived the white water rafting and that Luke choose a more tranquil option for adventure! I am also glad I learn AFTER the event what you have done so I still get to sleep at night!

We are interested to learn about Bolivia and hope you manage to keep away from bandits and such like!

We have Josephine Baggs staying over at our place tonight. She is so enjoying herself and absolutely no trouble!
Blessings and love Mum
I like the bit about Labs with life jackets. I might train Jock up to be a life-saver?
Wonderful 100th anniversary at Dio last weekend. Everybody enjoyed themselves catching up with each other. I am exhausted after being on deck all weekend and then back to work on Monday. No rest for the wicked!!!
Have fun and I can't wait to see the photos, Will be praying for you in Bolivia!
Blessings, Dad

Posted on: Nov 01, 2009
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View over the city
View over the city
Winding road to Cachi
Winding road to Cachi
Colourful rock and cacti
Colourful rock and cacti
photo by: wvijvers