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Today was an early start!!  After getting home only a couple of hours before, Sal and I had to get up at 7:30 to be gone by 7:45 in order to make our rafting trip down the Colorado River.  I'd say we both made a good effort to put on our morning faces!!  We made it to the hotel where we were supposed to meet the group for the trip.  We found out that we actually didn't need to be there for another hour!!  Ahhh..  we were both pissed that we missed an hour of sleep.. but soon got over it.  We spent the next hour watching a movie about the Hoover Dam five times, playing the nickel slots (which I won 2 bucks from.. but then lost it again!!), laughing about the most random things and basically making the most of it.

My money maker!!!
  Soon, we found ourselves in the tour bus heading down to the Hoover Dam where our rafting would begin.  Now this wasn't a white water rafting trip, but more of a scenic ride down the river. There were probably 50 of us on this massive raft thing.  Our guide would stop every so often and give us a history lesson or tell an interesting fact.  We stopped at a couple of different places and were able to get out and walk around or swim.  In total the trip was about 12 miles down the river.  We ended up in Arizona and had to get bused back to the hotel where our cars were. 

We soon after found ourselves back at the house thinking about taking a nap.  But of course we ended up talking and swimming and basically said no to any nap taking!! Around 5:30 or so we got ready and went to Lake Las Vegas for a margarita festival that was taking place.

  For 20 dollarsm we got entry to the festival where we got to try about 30 or so different margaritas.  In the end we voted on our favourite and whoever had the most votes won.  It was pretty cool.  I was tired and knew the night wasn't anywhere near over, so I took it easy on the tasting..  but found 2 incredible margaritas that I loved!!!  Definitely need to find those recipes!!

Afterwards we headed back to the house to chill out a bit before heading back out on the stip for some more clubbing.  Me met Brandon again and basically danced the night away again (just with a little less alcohol!).  Before I knew it, it was almost 6am and I was in some serious need of sleep!!

Jelly says:
uh huh... lol ;-) Now I know why Sal was talking about when he told me about it on my bday dinner!! hahahaha jk
Posted on: Oct 18, 2009
Aussieusa82 says:
Lol it was!!! Both nights that we went out I never took my camera.. probably a good thing :)
Posted on: Oct 18, 2009
Jelly says:
Was this the night of the foam party?? Did you go?? Where are THOSE pics??? lol
Posted on: Oct 18, 2009
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My money maker!!!
My money maker!!!
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