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Today was not a good day!!!  I woke up the morning at 6am to get ready for my travel home.  I had a slight soar throat but didn't think much of it.  I got the airport kind of late and had to rush to the gate.  Luckily I got there just in time to stop by Starbucks and then board the flight.  Now in order to get the best deal I found a ticket that was pretty cheap but I had 4 flights just to get to my home on the east coast.  In theory, it's something I always do.. more miles for my money (it's all about the ff status right?).  Well I soon began to realise that today was not the right day for it.  On the flight to Denver, I began to get really achy and felt like I might have a fever.  Little did I know that this was the beginning of a horrible case of tonsillitis!  I basically spent the whole day feeling like crap.  I made my way through Las Vegas to Denver to Houston to Washington and finally to Shenandoah Valley.  I got to my car at the airport around 10:30pm and litterally debated with myself as to whether or not I should drive home.  Fortunately my judgement won the better of me and I made my home, crawled in bed.. and hoped to die!!  Haha. ok so it wasn't that dramatic but I was pretty sick and really had wished that I was on the non-stop to DC.  But all in all, I made it and had an incredible weekend.  I will DEFINITELY be going back to Vegas!!!!  Thanks to Sal for a great weekend and also to my new TBs Andrew and Bradon!!......... VIVVAAAAAAAA LAS VEGAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!! :)
Jelly says:
Happy Birthday to meeeeee!!! You were leaving as I was getting there! lol u suck. jk.... sorry u were so sick.
Posted on: Oct 18, 2009
UNLV says:
SORRY!!! i didnt get a chance to say bye
Posted on: Sep 13, 2009
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