Attending FUNERAL in Tana Toraja needs a strong stomach!

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the funeral tower and the coffin of a seventy years old man dead 10 years ago in the village of Tampang Boga
                                 The Torajans are obsessed with death. The most important thing in Torajan's life is to save enough money to pay their funeral,a chance to show their social status.TOMATE,the Torajan funeral that send the deceased to PUYA,the afterworld are striking ceremonies lasting usually several days before the deceased is buried.Without proper funeral rites the spirit of the dead person will cause adversity to all its family.
                                 The deceased needs the back of a waterbuffalo to reach heaven-the more buffalos the shorter the journey-the more important the dead the more buffalos are required-the family of the dead has to organise a ceremony in which waterbuffalos will be slaughtered.
the funeral will last 3 days only,the deceased wasn't a high-ranking noble
This sacrifice will also safeguard the deceased's descendants.
                                 The deceased is not buried immediately but kept in his house,treated now with chemicals.Torajans consider that the dead is only sick and not dead until the first buffalo is slaughtered.Everyday food is given ...
                                 The ceremony is often held weeks or years after the death(we attended funeral of a seventy years old man dead since 10 years!) so that the family can raise the money to cover the funeral expenses and organize it.
some invigorating freshness!!
Usually funeral are held after the harvest in the dryer month of July,August or September.
                                 Funeral of someone from a noble family costs a fortune:sometimes tens even hundreds buffalos and pigs are slaughtered and the price of buffalos is exorbitant:4500 Usd for a black "standard" waterbuffalo,up to 10000 Usd for a rare albino.To limit the destruction of these animals that appears as a waste for many,the Indonesian government has decided to tax each slaughtered animal (500.000 Idr,50 Usd for a buffalo).Most of the Torajan people go deeply into debt to organise a ritual ceremony....

bernard69 says:
merci pour la confidence homme puissant!
Posted on: Jul 29, 2010
fransglobal says:
But when I tell him he hates flatterers,
He says he does, being then most flattered.

Julius Caesar, Act 2, scene 1 - Shakespeare

Je ne suis pas puissant mais j'ai partage une petite confidence - comment mettre une photo dans un post!
Posted on: Jul 29, 2010
bernard69 says:
"Un homme puissant flatte plus son interlocuteur par une confidence que par un compliment" Maurice Druon!
merci beaucoup mais tu exagères:)
Posted on: Jul 29, 2010
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the funeral tower and the coffin o…
the funeral tower and the coffin …
the funeral will last 3 days only,…
the funeral will last 3 days only…
some invigorating freshness!!
some invigorating freshness!!
2 buffalos were slaughtered yester…
2 buffalos were slaughtered yeste…
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photo by: vidalibre