great night but coming home blind drunk at 3 in the morning before a jungle trek isnt the best

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at the meeting before our trek the guide warned us that it'd be hard going and to grab an early night so with that advise still ringing in my ears i headed off into town with a group that i had met earlier

they were made up of an irish  french and ozzy's, we started off in the night market but after haggling for things that we didn't need let alone really want so we hit the bars

we went to the kickboxing bar again and played pool while getting harrast by the street kids... normally i don't really like the sreet kids them being nothing more than beggers but this 1 girl was really sweet and was playing games with us like jenga and connect 4

the next morning i had a bad hangover again and while everyone was in the bus getting to no each other i was curled up in a corner asleep ha ha

when we reached our destination we walked and walked and walked and then walked some more to be honest i don't think anyone had realised how much walking would be involved and it was walking up mountains in 30 degree heat, i have never sweated so much in my life i drank 4 litres of water in the 4 hours we walked and still felt dehidrated

when we reached our village i think we were all shocked at how basic it was 12 sharing a bamboo hut with a tiny blanket only needless to say i had no sleep what so ever the best thing was though the food it was awesome we had green curry :]

the next day started like the last steep walking and bloody hot, but with the promise of a waterfall shower everyone left in pretty high spirits

the waterfall was amazing and the views from the top of the mountain were breathtaking we looked down on the rain forest and we were so high we watched the clouds rain on the forest, then realised that we were headed down to that rain and it was some bloody heavy rain, after much walking we got to the second village pretty much the same deal as before so no sleep again then =[

the third day we were promised an hours walk on flat ground.

... this was a lie, it was more climbing mountains in the rain and as a result everyone was slipping over left right and center!! apart from hot dog that is (a village dog that had followed us around for 2 days)

elephant riding and bamboo rafting afterwards which were good but not as good as the friends i've made doing it

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes