Day 9: To Edinburgh

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Pretty much wasted the early AM sitting around and waiting for the bus to whisk me away to Edinburgh.  Note to self: get earlier busses.  Actually, they're all already booked, and the morning ones go the fastest, especially when ordering the night before.  When I start using trains again in mainland Europe, it'll be a lot easier.  Still have only taken one train so far, and that was from my airport in London Gatwick to Victoria Station.  Oh well.  I'll be hating trains by the end of this journey, guaranteed ;)

Bought a Dan Brown book at the Amnesty bookstore for £1.50 (so little money for such a thriller!) and boarded the bus to Edinburgh.  The bus was nice and empty, so I curled up on the right side with the book and departed north, Newcastle now a fleck in the distance behind us.

The famous rolling green hills of the Scottish countryside were lit by pockets of sunshine through low-lying clouds.  I'd occasionally look up from reading to take in the heaven-like simplicity of the green and the white and the blue, occasionally spotted by daisies and cows out in the fields.  So much green.

Edinburgh is ridiculously old.  It has a grisly history (there's scary underground tours EVERYWHERE), and the city seems fascinated/trapped in the touristy death gimmick.  There's skulls pretty much everywhere frequented by a passer-by.  The people are now in full-on Scottish accent. 

Example: "If yir stayin longer, yi must tell us 24 oors in advance, dinny greet if yi dinny and thirs nae room when yi dae." 
Translation?  "Please notify reception 24hrs in advance if you wish to extend your stay.  Please don't cry if you fail to do this and there are no beds available."

The big Champions Leage Final soccer (sorry, football) match is on tonight in Athens, beamed all over Europe and millions of soccer/football fans watched AC Milan win 2-0 vs Liverpool.  The Brits here took it pretty hard. Don't really watch a lot of soccer, so it wasn't that big of a deal for me, but I kid you not when every single pub that we went to on the pub crawl was a bunch of red-jersey-wearing youth somberly staring up at the TV.  Tear.

Pub crawl was fun.  I think Irish girls are great, as are German guys.  I had Fosters, Carlsing, Stella, and pretty much every single cheap beer you can imagine so far.  It's amazing.  ;)

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photo by: vances