Day 7: Walking Newcastle

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Newcastle has a lot of hot girls.  Like, everywhere.  The town in beautiful.  Woke up to find my only room-mate gone, but there was a drunk guy passed out in his place.  Super.  Apparently Sundays and Mondays at teh hostel are pretty low-key, because Saturday night my roommate couldn't find a single room in the entire city. 

Take that back.  The girls here are teh same as in the US, but they dress way cooler (leggings! flats!), and they're all skinny(-ish) from all that walking all the time.  Their faces aren't always good.  But, we all know I like skinny/fit.  Over-ruled. 

I'm starting to love Europe more by the second. 

Saw the Newcastle Brewery and Newcastle Stadium.  Didn't drink any beer.  I know, how sad, right?  I don't even know the difference between a brown ale and a traditional ale.  Maybe I'll be a beer connosieur by the time I get back.   By the way, 1664 is pretty good. 

I'm gonna have to start getting outgoing here real soon or this trip is gonna turn me into a hermit.  I sat drinking beer by myself last night until I HAD to say something an hour later.  No one understands me the first time I say anything ("excuse me?").  I think I'm going to use a pseudo-British accent for the remainder of the UK.  With a tinge of Err-rish to it.

Subway is the cheapest way to eat here.  No shit.  Get the sub of the day for 1.99 pounds, which is exactly the same price as a pint of 1664 at a bar.  And it's healthy! 

The BALTIC museum of modern art?  Mmmm, not so much.  The Tate Modern spoiled me.  The buildings are cool, though.  I think that's a requisite for a modern art museum.

I'm starting to realize I am in love with art books in the museum visitor shops.  They're so stylish and sexy.  And expensive.  And heavy.

Actually, never mind.  Not completely in love, anyway.

AlexHeintz says:
So the leggings and flats live on! Nice!
Posted on: May 21, 2007
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