Day 25: Heineken, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Brazilians

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The Amsterdam University was right next door, and their restaurant/dining hall was an amazing find for cheap eats in a sit-down type setting.  I got a tomato basil TUNA panini, which was a little weird, but I went with it.  Nothing like pretending you're a university student in a country halfway across the world, not speaking a single word of their language.  ("Danke" and I'm out!)  Set off at 1pm to catch all the good museums, and found a big flea market on the way to Rembrandt's House.  The market was full of second-hand EVERYTHING, from clothes to single shoes (no pairs), to trinkets of all kinds.  Rembrandt House was cool, I liked the free audio tour it comes with, and I got to appreciate his box beds (they didn't sleep in lay-down beds; instead, they had little tiny midget/wee-people beds that looked like large closets because if they lay down flat they feared the blood would rush to their head in the middle of the night and kill them.  So, they sat up when they slept).  His spontaneous way of making lines on etchings and paintings was also remarkable.

Next up was the Heineken Experience, which is probably by far the most insanely over-produced beer tour in the entire world.  There was more yellow and green than should have been legal.  It was good though.  They kept horses, let us taste the actual wort, and one of my friends actually got to start a new batch of beer!  (that one is of course dubious in nature, but whatever.  We paid good money to see this shit).  By the end, I had been a DJ, a bottle during the bottling process, a video VJ, a commercial rater, and a horse beer delivery guy.  Not bad for a day's work ;)

There were 3 free drink coupons included with the tour, and two bars to do the deeds in.  Of course, I ended up doing what Danny does best and nicked some half-empty beers that the wussy girls wouldn't finish.  I ended up having about 5 or 6.  Yes, folks.  No shame here.  I'm on a damn budget, screw you for judging me ;)

The clouds starting storming menacingly on my way to the Van Gogh Museum, and about half a mile away, it started raining cats and dogs.  It was unreal!  I had barely pulled out of the way into some makeshift cover with a frightened asian family, until it let up slightly and we all made a run for it.  It went from feeling a huge raindrop on your head, to 15 seconds later when the heavens broke loose on earth.  It was crazy how hard it rained.  Everybody was soaked.

The Van Gogh Museum was cool, really tall and the blue carpet and furniture on the bottom floor served as a blue screen for a hidden camera above that juxtaposed the people sitting down there with a famous Van Gogh piece.  Such randomness in his paintings.  They said it was probably "some form of epilepsy", but if you've done any of your homework, you'd realize it was probably better stated as "drug addict".  Right?

Made it out in time to get some Burger King (again, no shame here, folks), and got in line for a 19-euro Ultimate Bar Crawl.  I figure I might as well party it up just ONE night in Amsterdam, right?

I ended up meeting up with three Brazilians who were way fun, and we had a free beer and vodka shot in each of the six bars we went to.  The vodka shots were a joke, it was just Koolaid in a pour bottle with a LITTLE bit of vodka inside, and they poured it into the mouths of all the entrants like herding cattle.

Anyways, had a great time, danced the night away, and didn't get home till about 5am after fucking up the night buses.  DOH!

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photo by: pearcetoyou