Day 13: More Glasgow, then a fast ferry!

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Woke up to bustling and packing.  God, so early already?  Looked over and saw it was 2am, some guy was back from the clubs.  False start.

Woke up at a more decent hour, threw my bags into a locker and checked out, heading out towards the east end of Glasgow on my final hours before departing on a bus/ferry combo to Belfast at 4pm.  Walked a long ways (it's so spread out here!), past the bus and train stations, and arrived at the Glasgow Cathedral on Castle St. 

Learned from the Mungo Museum next door that the Cathedral was built over the burial site of St. Mungo, the patron saint of Glasgow.  The western catholic church had established it in the 12th century, and then Scottish Protestant Reformer John Knox came around and threw everything into chaos by convincing Scotland to go anti-catholicism, citing the church shouldn't have all that "money and corruption".  Only the Glasgow guild dudes spared the beautiful 15th-century cathedral from being burned down and sacked.

The Necropolis out back was a creepy hill with a bunch of tombs, crypts, and a overturned gravestones.  Doesn't anyone care to put them back up and honor those deceased?  I wouldn't be caught dead up there in the middle of the night (ha!). 

The Mungo Museum of World Religions has a 6-religion display gallery showing how diverse Galway is in both cultures and religions: Christianity/Catholicism, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, and Nisk?  There was a picture of a young Nigerian girl getting circumsized.  That means her clitoris was surgically removed as part of her initiation into womanhood.  I've never seen that much pain in a person's face in my entire life.  Glad I don't live in Nigeria.  (To be fair, it was dated to the mid-80s, which means by now the world justice league task force of destiny 2000K has stepped in and stopped it.)  Just thought about it, and it's definitely the 2nd-worst possible thing that could get cut off in the entire world.  (My bird would be 1st.)

Rained like a bitch on my way back across the city.  Never had rain so far in my two weeks here in the UK, which is strange considering it's still spring, but I'm not complaining.  Well, only when it rains on ME.  ;)

Made it to the bus station with my bags RIGHT as is started to really rain HARD.  Phew!  Bus ride to Stranraer was shitty because of all the drunk Irish girls heading home after exams.  Transferred over to the Stena Line fast ferry, which looks pretty slick.  I sat at the back of the ferry, and I saw around 14 million 12-yr-old girls running around the place.  Good God, can't a man get some rest and read his book in peace without having to listen to yelps and screams about Justin Timberlake? 

Finished Alive (the book about the Uruguayans who survived for 70 days after a plane crash in the Andes.  Yes, they ate each other.) just in time before docking, then found my hostel and room at 10:30.

Opened the door to my room (13-bed big room) to the welcoming sound of groans and grunts of sleeping people, so I left and went and had a couple of pints until I was sufficiently indifferent enough not to care about the roommates ;)

Lots of... "bigger" girls here in Belfast.  What gives?
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photo by: spocklogic