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In the theme of visiting a different beach per day (there are so many gorgeous ones in Maui, many more so than Oahu, in my opinion) we went off to Big Beach and Little Beach. We read in a magazine that on Sundays, there is a bunch of drumming and fire dancing going on in Little Beach, which is only accessible via "a short hike from Big Beach" so off we went. Parking in Maui is great, you kind of just make your own spot out of the way, half on asphalt, half in dirt or amongst the bushes and trees.

We arrive at Big Beach and it's GORGEOUS. Many people were hanging out here but a growing number of people were headed to a path set into the cliffs. Oh dear, this would be a precarious climb.. Joyce and I each had a bag to bear in addition to our purse, but we braved the jagged cliff anyway and scrambled up it to find ourselves in a sort of hideaway beach.
Throngs of people were already gathered and drumming had already started. Even from a distance, you could tell people were buck naked playing frisbee in the surf, dancing, or just lying around. WOW, I had never been to a nude beach before and this one was crazy! Of course the smell of pot filled the air, and we found a spot next to some clothed people to lay out our blankets, but they wouldn't be clothed for long!

Some dude sitting near us offered us a big of papaya. I was a bit freaked out because he was obviously high, totally naked under his towel, and holding a knife to cut the papaya! Maui is a place where people are so ODD, you can't tell if they're free spirits, or psychopaths. I kept a wary eye on him as he and Joyce chatted. It was really crowded at Little Beach, but so beautiful.
About 10% of the people here were naked (mostly men), you could spot the occasional happy heroin-addict, skeleton-thin, and there were a few babies at the beach too. I imagine this is what a hippie beach party would be like. I also realized that I'm a bit too conservative for these sorts of gatherings. But one can always appreciate watching dogs run around and making friends, or the little 3 year old with golden ringlets running around naked and golden, sporting his envious lack of a tanline.

I started getting worried around dusk. Joyce and I had trekked a bunch of crap to the beach and scrambling up a jagged cliff is one thing, but scrambling DOWN on in the pitch dark would be another! We commented that we should probably get going to our new friend, but revealed that there would be someone with a torch assisting people on the cliff when it was dark. But when would that be? 2am? We had a dolphin excursion to go to at 7am tomorrow, so we bid him goodbye, took one last look behind our shoulders at the purple sky, and left the nude beach behind us, making it to the cliff just as the last bits of light were being eaten up by the clouds.
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photo by: agehris