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I had an early flight, so my dad was nice enough to take me to the Flyaway downtown, which incidentally has raised their price from $3 to $7!! Jeezus! You leave for 6 months and the world just accelerates or something!

Got off the bus and I hear "jennifer?!" behind me. Oh my word, it's Karin! She's bound for NY and I'm bound in the other direction and we had no idea we were on the bus together! =)

I was lucky enough to snag a nonstop all the way to Maui and I sat next to the cutest freaking older couple ever. I'm very lucky, I've sat next to some really nice people through all my trips but this one was particularly interesting. I got a quick lesson in small business economics from this lady, who works in the small business loans department of Wells Fargo. I'll share it with all of you in case you know someone in politics you want to discuss this with.

As you may have heard/felt - California has a huge budget crisis right now. Some of the things that have affected me personally - my old company which is 77 years strong without any cutbacks just had a huge reduction/layoff in May/June. Our sales tax went up to 10% shortly after I returned from Africa. Gas prices remain high at about $3.50 a gallon. Classroom sizes have been cut at a time when a record number of people are going back to school and tuition has risen by about 50% in the last 6 months. Poor budgeting and lots of freeriders in this state have really choked the life out of the middle class.

Linda opened my eyes to even more abominations going on in California. Large companies such as Walmart are paying their vendors something like 90 to 120 days after goods are sold, and they're big enough that smaller companies can't do much about it. This combined with the credit crunch has caused many small business to shut their doors as they can't cut checks for salary. In addition, considering this state as so much tourism and media, the taxes remain garbled for that industry as government maintains unfriendly business taxes on your average company or corporation as well as the consumer. These elements are causing less jobs to be produced, and there is likely a point at which companies will simply leave the state for other states that have friendlier business taxes and cost of living. And I don't blame them one freaking bit.

When we exited the plane, Linda and her husband offered to drive me to the hotel. I was hoping to catch a shuttle of some sort as I had heard taxis to Lahaina from the airport would be somewhere around $60. jeez! They were kind enough to drive me 26 miles out of their way and I was so, so grateful!

I checked in without a problem and waited for Joyce. I love this girl but time seems to disappear between her fingers. It somehow took her 2 hours to get a car rental and drive to Lahaina. This is not the hour it took to deplane and get her luggage. So I waited 5 hours enjoying the hotel but anxious to get out and about.

Tracy recommended Aloha Mixed Plate, so we ventured there for dinner, only to find out that it was literally 5 minutes away from us on Front Street! And wow, Front Street looked so pretty!! Lots of nice shops open late, all the big restaurants including Hard Rock, Longhi's, Bubba Gump, even a Ruth Chris!! =) When we finally made it to Aloha Mixed Plate, it was already dark, but another surprise would be in store. I managed to bump into my old roommate Leona there! She was on her honeymood and I haven't seen her in about 10 years!! We caught up and made plans to hang out before she left Maui. What a small world =)
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