Europe 2009

 By peppertm

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The Summary

My European vacation had been in the works for a while, I just didn’t know that I would do it through Contiki tours. Originally, I was just going to grab my backpack, buy a Eurorail pass and set out on my own. But, with limited time, I decided doing a tour would allow me to see as much as possible in my timeframe, therefore, I chose a 23 day European Vista tour, through Contiki. It turned out to be a fantastic decision!

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July 2nd, 2009Kelowna, Canada
July 3rd, 2009London, England
July 4th, 2009Paris, France
July 4th, 2009Ivry-sur-Seine, France
July 5th, 2009Paris, France
July 6th, 2009Lucerne, Switzerland
July 7th, 2009Lucerne, Switzerland
July 8th, 2009Monte Carlo, Monaco
July 8th, 2009Monaco
July 8th, 2009Nice, France
July 9th, 2009Nice, France
July 10th, 2009Pisa, Italy
July 10th, 2009Florence, Italy
July 11th, 2009Florence, Italy
July 11th, 2009Rome, Italy
July 12th, 2009Rome, Italy
July 13th, 2009Vatican City, Italy
July 13th, 2009Santa Maria di Sala, Italy
July 14th, 2009Venice, Italy
July 15th, 2009Hopfgarten, Austria
July 16th, 2009Hopfgarten, Austria
July 17th, 2009Munich, Germany
July 17th, 2009Dachau, Germany
July 17th, 2009Innsbruck, Austria
July 18th, 2009Vienna, Austria
July 19th, 2009Vienna, Austria
July 19th, 2009Prague, Czech Republic
July 20th, 2009Prague, Czech Republic
July 21st, 2009Sankt Goar, Germany
July 22nd, 2009Edam, Netherlands
July 22nd, 2009Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 23rd, 2009Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 23rd, 2009Volendam, Netherlands
July 24th, 2009Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 25th, 2009Kelowna, Canada