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Another travel day, this time to Florence, Italy. By now, the bus is becoming everyone’s best friend, as it is where we get most of our sleep. Most people are still groaning when it’s time to get on, but also look forward to it at the same time. So, we got on the bus and almost immediately fell asleep. One of our stops on the way to Florence was Pisa, of course to see the Tower. We only stayed for about 45 minutes, then made our way back to the bus. I had slept most of the way from Nice to Pisa, so I’m not sure how long it took to get there, but from Pisa to Florence I stared awake, and one of the things I noticed was the crazy Italian drivers.

We all thought the French drivers were bad, but they’re nothing like the Italians! We got to Florence no problem, but once there, it took some time to get to our hotel (Grifone Hotel) as neither Josh nor Duchy had ever been to it. WE did get lost, and at times it was hard to manoeuvre the bus through some of the narrow streets, but we eventually found it. There was another Contiki bus parked out front of the hotel, so we had to park down the alley and walk to the hotel, which was not a problem. However, when we finally arrived at the hotel, the other Contiki people were making their way out of the hotel, so the small lobby and doorway was insanely crowded, so it took longer than usual to get checked in and make our way to our rooms. By the time we got to our room, we only had ½ hour to get ready to go for dinner. Before heading for dinner, we stopped for a group photo, which was taken overlooking the Florence landscape, then left for our meal.
Our dinner was a four course meal at an Italian chateau, La Certosa, complete with opera singer and never ending wine (I actually think our table got so much more wine than the others because our waiter really liked us. I actually don’t think it was supposed to be all-you-can-drink) Once finished our meal, we got back on the bus and were let off at the Space Electronic Discoteque. After so much wine with dinner, I don’t remember all the details, but I do remember continuing to drink and dance all night. After sharing a cab back to the hotel with Kristen, Victoria, and Celia (I’ve got the terrible drunk pictures to prove it), I ended up getting to bed at around 1AM.

Main Expenses (in Euros):

Breakfast: Included in the tour

Lunch: 10.00

Dinner: Included in the Optional Excursion

Alcohol: Lots

Snacks (on the bus): 5.00

Hotel: Included in the tour

Optional Excursions: Souvenir Group Photo- 11.50

Tuscan Evening dinner- 38.00

Space Electronic Disco- 12.00

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Pisa market
Pisa market
Theyll follow you right to the bu…
They'll follow you right to the b…
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