DAY 7- Lucerne to Monaco and Nice

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We’re one week into the tour, with just over two weeks to go still, and it already feels like we’ve been on tour for weeks! Time is going sooo slowly, although we’ve been incredibly busy. Travel day to Nice, France today! It ended up being another long day on the bus, as we left Lucerne after breakfast (which was terrible, compared to yesterday’s- we got bread, coffee, and water. It turns out that yesterday we ate the wrong breakfast. We were supposed to have just eaten the bread rolls) at 9:00. On our way to Nice, one of our stops was at an Italian truck/pitstop (we drove through Italy) where we got lunch. They served the biggest pieces of pizza I’ve ever seen! And, it was really good, too! We got to Nice at about 5:00, where we checked into our hotel, Hotel Busby, then got ready to go to Monte Carlo.

We drove the ½ hour (about) then ate a nice dinner, complete with TOO MUCH wine, as Lee and I had a wind drinking contest, then visited the Grand Casino. A couple of the guys played cards, but most of us just looked around inside and outside, before heading back to Nice. We headed to Wayne’s Bar, where all of us got in no problem, however, it was so crowded in there that most left straight away, and found a bar next door where we ended up staying all night. Eventually, everyone had left Wayne’s Bar and ended up at the same place, where we drank and danced all night, then walked back to the hotel, with the help of some of my new friends, seeing as I couldn’t see or stand straight on my own….what a fun night!

Main Expenses (in Euros):

Breakfast: Included in the tour

Lunch: 6.00

Dinner: Included in the Optional Excursion price

Alcohol: Can’t remember, bus seeing as I was drinking Long Island Iced Teas all night, I’m guessing around 50.00

Snacks (on the bus): 3.00

Hotel: Included in the tour

Optional Excursions: Monaco Restaurant dinner- 34.00

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