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White Cliffs of Dover

Paris, here we come!

Our travel day to Paris began at 6:45AM at the London Coffee where we got our luggage weighed. Contiki is very strict about the 44lb weight limit. Any bags weighing more than 44 lbs. had to be re-packed. After weighing in, I was able to buy a bit of breakfast in the shop, then almost immediately got onto the bus. No-one was thrilled about traveling on the bus, but, being as it was so early, most just found a seat then fell asleep. I actually don’t mind riding buses, and I found it to be a great way to meet the other people that were traveling (if they weren’t sleeping). The ride to Dover took between 2 and 2.5 hours. As we got closer, and everyone started waking up, Josh introduced our driver, Duchy, to us, then gave us the rules of the bus.

We also learned that there were 41 of us on the tour- 35 Australians, 3 Canadians, 2 American, and 1 Korean. Our manager was from New Zealand, and our driver an Aussie, so in all, there were 43 of us. By the time he was done, we were at Dover, waiting for our ferry. It didn’t take us long to get onto it, and the ride over the English Channel lasted about 1.5 hours. The ferry ride was relatively smooth, but it was very foggy, so we didn’t have much of a view. Some of us had a beer, some of us ate (which I hear was not very good food-I didn’t eat). Once we got back on the bus, it took us another 2.5 hours to get to Paris. Once we arrived, we did a bus tour of the city, and saw Notre Dame, the Louvre, drove the roundabout at the Arc de Triomphe, and went to the Eiffel Tower. On the grounds of the Eiffel Tower we saw a big group of people gathered to pay tribute to Michael Jackson.
There was loud MJ music, dancing, and singing. We got back onto the bus, and then headed to our hotel, the Kyriad Porte D’Ivry Hotel. I met my roommate, Kerrianne, who was fantastic! I had been worried for nothing. We had dinner at the hotel, then we headed back to the Eiffel Tower to see it at night. We took the metro, and got lost in the process. We ended up getting there a bit late though, so we couldn’t go up, as the line ups were closed. However, it was a beautiful night, nice, clear and warm. Perfect to view the tower and just hang around the area, and walk to a nearby pub for a drink while waiting for a few stragglers to show up. After we had seen enough, we decided to go to a club. Once inside, some of us were told that we were not allowed to take our purses inside, which didn’t make sense, seeing as all the ladies that had gone in before us had taken their bags.
White Cliffs of Dover
I wasn’t about to leave mine at the door, because I was carrying my passport, and all my money, so I left with some of the others that had decided not to go in. Micah, Victoria, Con, and I shared a cab back to the hotel, where we turned in for the night. After meeting everyone, I had a feeling that we were going to have loads of fun on this tour. After one day, we’d started getting to know each other and forming tight friendships. It was going to be a good vacation.

Main expenses:

Breakfast (in British pounds)- 3.00

Lunch (in Euros)- 8.00

Dinner- included in the tour

Alcohol (in Euros)- about 8.00 (for 1 drink)

Ice cream at the Eiffel Tower (in Euros)- 2.50

Cab (in Euros, after being split 4 ways)- 7.00

Hotel- included in the tour

world-traveller123 says:
VEry good Blog. I did the exact same trip with Contiki a few years ago. So much fun!
Posted on: Sep 11, 2009
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White Cliffs of Dover
White Cliffs of Dover
White Cliffs of Dover
White Cliffs of Dover
White Cliffs of Dover
White Cliffs of Dover
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