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Amsterdam, here we come! To say that everyone was excited for this stop on the tour would be an understatement. But, at the same time, bittersweet because the tour would be coming to an end. But, before we left St. Goar we visited a few shops, specializing in beer steins, Birkenstocks and cuckoo clocks. The store owners opened especially for us at 7:30, so we were able to leave the village at 8:30. Our first stop was at 2:00 just outside of Edam where we visited a shop that mad and sold Gouda cheese and wooden clocks. We got to see demonstrations of both, which was pretty cool. We then got back on the bus and made our way right into Edam where we did a little walking tour of the village, then made our way to a bike shop (Bike-a-Dijk) to go on a bike tour of the village and surrounding countryside.

Edam is a very cute, little village with crooked buildings (as they are built on faulty foundations). We had an insane amount of fun on the bikes, a lot of us reverting back to our childhood and fooling around (the boys especially) and numerous people losing control of their bikes (me NOT included- although I had the only bike with a bell, so I had fun with that). It was fantastic!

From Edam we made our way to Amsterdam and checked into our hotel (Blue Square) at just after 5:30. We had showers, etc, then made our way down to the dining room for a great buffet dinner. After dinner, we took the bus downtown, where Josh walked us around the Red Light District and showed us where we were going to be watching the sex show (optional excursion).

Once he did that, we had about one hour free time, which of course everyone used to find a café and have some ‘cake’ or a ‘smoke’. We met back at the sex show venue at 8:30. We got two free drinks at the show, which was the best part about it, as the show itself was pretty corny. By this time, I knew what we were doing, but no details- especially the names of places. I don know that from the sex show, we went to a bar and hung our for a bit, then Kerrianne, Kristen, Melissa, Nicole, Micah, Victoria, and I went to a restaurant for some food. We left there and found Josh, Dan, Nathan, Luke, Tom and two of the Matt’s at a bar. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW WE FOUND THEM!. Kerrianne and I decided not to stay, as we were absolutely done, so we went outside and got a cab with Josh. We crashed as soon as we got to our room. Amsterdam is like nothing I’ve ever seen before! It’s vibrant, busy, bright, and full of interesting people. The canals and buildings are beautiful. There’s so much to see!

Main Expenses (in Euros)

Breakfast: Included in the tour

Lunch: 10.00

Dinner: Included in the tour

Snacks (on the bus): 4.00

Hotel: included in the tour

Bike tour in Edam- Included in the tour

Optional Excursions: Sex show- about 20.00

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