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I woke up in Vienna with my voice! I was so glad that I had lost my voice for only a day. It was an early morning, as we were getting on the bus to go into town before leaving the city. Josh led us on a mini tour of the city, then we were free to roam the city on our own. After 2 ½ weeks on the road, some of us needed to use the computer for different reasons, so Jess, Celia, and I set out to find an internet café. The one we found, Surfland Internet Café, wasn’t open until 10AM, so we had some time to waste. We went back out to the main street (Karntner Strauss), and met up with Victoria, Micah, Nathan, Dan, and Tom and explored the shops and restaurants, making notes as to where we wanted to come back to eat. This early in the morning, the streets were very quiet, as there were not many people out and about yet. By 10:00, we were back at the internet shop, and were able to get caught up on our emails and get our banking done. By the time everyone was done (there were about nine of us in the shop by now), we had been there for about an hour, and decided to go eat an early lunch, as were getting on the bus at 12:30. Celia, Kristen, Nicole, Melissa, Victoria, and I ended up eating in a nice French restaurant. Once done, we made our way back to the bus (with the help of our map), and let for Prague. Vienna was quite lovely. The thing I noticed most about it was how clean it was- the roads, the buildings. It was beautiful.

After leaving Vienna at 12:30, we arrived in Prague shortly after 5:00. We had 1 ½ hours before dinner at the hotel (Ibis Karlin Hotel), so after checking in, Kerrianne, Tom, Micah, Victoria, and I went in search of an ATM, seeing as Euros are not used in the Czech Republic. We ended up having no trouble finding a bank machine, as it was a five minute walk from the hotel, if that. When we left the ATM, we happened to see a liquor store across the road, so we all headed over there, thinking it would be good to get a head start on the night, and cheaper to buy our own alcohol than buy drinks at the hotel before going out- it was a fantastic decision. Kerrianne and I split the cost of a two-six of Vodka and three cans of Red Bull, and took them back to our hotel. An hour later, when we went downstairs for dinner, we had finished the bottle of Vodka, and were drunk. A good start to the night! We finished dinner, went back upstairs to get ready, then left to the Beer Factory. After our beer drinking competition (which my table didn’t do very well at), we went on a bit of a pub crawl. The first place we stopped at, which I think was called Double Trouble, wasn’t all that great, so Kerrianne, Kristen, and I went back to the restaurant part of the club and had a pizza. By the time we were finished, everyone had left, but we knew that they were headed towards a club that had five levels. So, on our way out, we asked the bouncer about a club with different levels, and he knew exactly what we were talking about, and pointed up in the right direction. He also told us it was called Karlovy Lazne. We had no problem finding it, even though we were drunk, had no map, and were following the directions from a guy who only pointed out the direction we should walk in. We ended up dancing and drinking all night and having a great time, even though we forgot that there were different levels, and ended up staying in the same place all night. I don’t know what time it was when we left, but Kerrianne, Josh, Andy, and I shared a cab back to the hotel. We went to bed almost immediately when we got back to the hotel.

Main Expenses:

Breakfast: Included in the tour

Lunch (in Euros): 9.00

Dinner: Included in the tour

Alcohol (in Czech Crowns/Koruny): I have no idea!

Hotel: Included in the tour

Cab (in Czech Crowns/Koruny)(split between 4 people): about 175.00

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