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We left Venice today for Hopfgarten, Austria. The scenery between the two places was so beautiful and green. It rained almost the whole way, so it was foggy in places, and hard to see in other places with so much water on the widows and spray from other cars, but what we did see was amazing! We arrived into the village shortly before 6:00, where Kerrianne and I found out that we were going to be sharing a room in the hotel (Haus Lukas) with Jess and Celia. We didn’t like this news, as up until now (with the exception of Lucerne) our rooms had barely been big enough to fit just the two of us. However, when we opened the door to our room, we found it to be a mansion (compared to what we had had until now), as we got the apartment, rather than just a regular room. We were in heaven! Word got around the hotel (as we were the only people staying in it that night) that we had a big room, so of course everyone dropped by to see it, and decided that this would be the room that everyone would hang out in. It was the perfect room for it, even though the list of rules in the room said there were to be no room parties (we never did have a party, although others did come and hang out there). Once we had checked in, the hotel provided us with a fantastic dinner, and once done, we went back upstairs to get ready for the bar. Before leaving the hotel, we went for a couple drinks in the hotel bar, then headed for a great bar called The Silver Bullet, where we drank BUCKETS of Vodka and Red Bull (which has turned out to be my new, favourite drink). We stayed quite late, all congregating at a booth to play I Never. Once the game wound down, Celia, Jess, and I headed back to the hotel (Kerrianne had left earlier in the night). It was a really good night.

Main Expenses (in Euros):

Breakfast: Included in the tour

Lunch: 12.00

Dinner: Included in the tour

Alcohol: 30.00

Snacks (on the bus): 3.00

Hotel: included in the tour

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