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Most of us had a totally free day in Rome today, as not many people chose to do the guided walking tour of the Colosseum. I didn’t do it because I’d heard it just wasn’t worth it, seeing as the guide was very quiet and often didn’t feel like doing the whole thing (I don’t really know what that means. Maybe the Colosseum and Forum?). So, we took the bus to the subway station, then from there we took the train to Colosseo station. Of course, we started at the Colosseum. We were there and lined up when it opened (at 8:30). When finished touring there, we then walked across the street to the Forum and toured through there. From there we walked to Basilica san Giovanni in Laterno.

It was extremely hot this day, so had we to do it over again, we probably would have caught a cab. We made numerous stops all day at little stores for water. We drank A LOT of water! However, this hot walk was worth it, as we got to see an amazingly beautiful church. From this church, we got on the subway at Manzoni station and made our way to Barberini station in order to visit Santo Maria Della Concezione dei Cappuccini (Cappucin Monks). On the train we met up with a couple more from our tour, Jess and Celia, so we all went to the church/crypt together. Once we were finished, we got back on the subway at Barberini station and got off at Spagna station (even though it was only one station away, it was just way too hot to walk) to see the Spanish Steps. After walking down the steps, and seeing a man proposed to his lady on the steps, we went in search of a restaurant for lunch, and ended up finding on in a nearby alley, although none of knew exactly where we were.
After a pretty good lunch and even better gelato for dessert, we made our way back to the Spanish steps in order to decide what to do We ended up deciding to head back to the hotel. It turned out that we had no problem catching the subway to the station we needed to get to, but then we had to get on a bus to go to the stop closest to our hotel. However, when we got to the train station, we were told that the bus we needed was not is service that day, so we should get back on the subway to a station that is easy to catch a cab from, which we did, but once we got off, there were no cabs in sight! There were, however, signs leading the way to the taxis, which we followed, and which led us nowhere near cab line-ups and totally out of the way from where we should have been. Luckily, we found two taxis in a parking lot of an office building that we came across, and were willing to take all nine of us.
The driver of our cab was absolutely crazy- speeding the whole way to the hotel and ignoring road signs. We survived the ride, though, and when back at the hotel, decided to walk down to the nearby convenience store, thinking it would have alcohol. It turns out it sold alcohol, just not by the bottle. So, we walked back to the hotel, and on the way were passed by two different #31 buses, which were the buses we were supposed to take to the hotel and were told were out of service!!!

We had dinner in the hotel, then decided to stay at the hotel bar. We had all planned on doing a pub crawl, but decided against it when we heard how much it cost and how much the cab ride would have cost. We ended up having a great night, though, as Celia, Jess, and I shared four bottles of white wine amongst us.

Yeah, we were loser pissed. Especially me. So much so that I broke my camera (no worries, though, as I had brought a back up), needed help to my hotel room, passed out in front of the toilet, then needed help from the bathroom to my bed. My roommate said it was classic, and yes, everyone was talking about it the next day.

I loved Rome, though. There was so much to see in this historic city. I loved looking at all the buildings and churches, etc. There was just so much to do and see!

Main Expenses (in Euros):

Breakfast: Included in the tour

Lunch: 20.00

Dinner: Included in the hotel

Alcohol: 30.00

Water throughout the day: LOADS- 15.00

Hotel: Included in the tour:

Coliseum & Forum: 11.50

Santo Maria Della Concezione: By donation, but with a minimum of 1.00

Cab (split between 4 people): 8.00

Subway: 1 ticket is 1.00, valid for 75 minutes

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