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i figure i should write something just to keep me updated on things thats happened so far when i extended my stay in Australia.. summary.. nothing.

its not that im stuck at home.. but yeah thats pretty much the case. having nothing to do has really thrown off my sleeping schedule.. i dont know what time schedule my body is on but its certainly not australian or usa time..

the quest to find a job has had no luck so far but maybe i should set my sights a little lower.. i can expect to get hired in the same position or with the same money as i did in the states but it would be nice.

ive been watching the Australian open lately (on tv) but atleast its something to pass the time.. i dont want to go out into the city because i have no income and i have bills to pay so you can see my dilema..

sometimes when i just cant stand being cooped up at home i go bike riding around the lakes. the weather is nice and its quite a nice ride.. some people are a bit rude though not giving way. isnt it common courtesy to move to one side of the path so you dont hit oncomming traffic?  i hate it when they stay their course when they have plenty of space to move to one side. forcing me to go into the grass.. just thought id vent.  also whats the etiquette when passing people? i always smile and nod and sometimes say hello. but it seems this neighbourhood is not so friendly.. they just keep going like they dont even see me.

my bike makes rattling noises.. dont know why..

its been only 2 weeks since i decided to stay.. feels like eternity...i go through books like crazy and unfortunately the bookstores here are not up to date with their authors and titles.. also why is so expensive?? it would encourage aussies to read more if the prices where normal..30 bucks for a paper back is ridiculous. 

well as i slowly atrophy in my house, slowly tranforming into some amorphous blob like creature, i cant help but wonder what the hell am im going to do withmyself..


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photo by: RJ82