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Today was a tough day. Not only was a experiencing fatigue from the travelling, but I was also burned out from the pub crawl the night before. The heat didn't help either, I was so dehydrated. The great thing about Italy is that there is running water from fountains all over the city. I was constantly filling up my water bottle for relief from dehydration.

Can we say JADED? On my train ride from the airport to Rome there was a lot of open space with green pastures. The first thing that came to my mind was, wow, there is quite a bit of land to develop out here. Don't see much of this in southern California except in Yucaipa!

Speaking of which, I saw this construction sign in Rome which I thought was interesting:

In Low Carb & Lactose Hell. Those of you who know me well know that I stay away from anything white like a plague. White bread, pastries, pasta, etc. are no no's in my book. You will all be shocked to know that I had a panini for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and spaghetti for dinner. I KNOW. Welp, when in being good here. I comforted myself by justifying that it was okay due to all of the walking I did today. I saw the Vatican which is just BREATHTAKING and also the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. We were all so tired and burned out from the heat that we took a short break at the Piazza by the Vatican. We literally laid down on the grass and closed our eyes in attempts to catch up on some rest.
I hope to see the Pantheon tomorrow before I take off on a train to Florence. I just booked my hostel a minute ago, this entire trip is flying by the seat of my pants and I LOVE IT!

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I landed in Rome last night. The trek flying out of LAX to FCO was an adventure in itself. I made a transfer in London and took another flight out to Rome. Thanks to Brian for letting me borrow those noise cancellation headphones! They really helped out a lot on the plane. After I landed into Rome, I took a 30 minute train ride to the Termini Station where I got off and found my way seamlessly to my hostel. I was beat and about to go to bed when some of the hostellers invited me to go on a pub crawl. I figured this would be a great way to bond with some people, so I took a quick shower and headed off to the pub crawl. The pub crawl was not bad. I would have rather just gone to a bar where the locals hang out.

This morning I woke up at 7:30 and got my things together. I find it rather humorous that even on my travels with jetlag, time zone changes and lack of sleep that I am still an early riser. It was a long day today. While I was getting ready, I met two hostellers, Konrad and Derek. They are both living in Scotland and just here for the weekend. We decided to go see the sites of Rome together since it was both our first day in the city. The first place we hit was the Colosseum, which was amazing....just adjacent is the ancient ruins which was akin to a labryinth - we actually struggled trying to find our way out of it! The heat was bad today, so it was very draining only at 11:oo AM. The hostel is providing dinner tonight so I must take off, will continue later! CIAO!

photo by: vulindlela