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I am currently waiting to take a train to Florence from Rome, so I thought I would update on hostel life.

The night we went out on the pub crawl, I returned back to the hostel only to find some random girl sleeping in bed. I woke her up and informed her that she was in my bed and to kindly get off. Rejected in heart beat, I ended up crashing on some other guy's bed since he was still at the pub crawl. I woke up the next morning and luckily for me, the guy didn't come home (I think he got lucky) and the girl was gone! That was not a good way to spend my first night in a hostel!

Hostel life is not for the high maintenance. It's akin to dorm life, which is kind of fun because I never dormed in college. We have 8 beds in one room, mixed male and female. We all share a bathroom, which is filthy as hell and the shower literally is enough space for 1 body to barely sud one's self. But it's enough to get by.

I slept pretty early last night only to wake up with a runny nose. Damnit, please don't tell me I'vec caught a cold in the beginning of my trip. I knew I shouldn't have gone out on the pub crawl with wet hair. Plus, a lot of the hostellers were sick as well. I'm counting on my immune system to fight it off before it gets worse. Speaking of which my entire lower body is aching. My shins and calves especially. I think that is so odd because I run on the treadmill every morning!

I checked out this morning, and the guy who runs the hostel was rolling up a joint while he checked me out. LOL. A few of the hostellers are going to be heading up to Florence as well so we might hook up there. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the Pantheon but I'm planning on returning to Rome the night before I depart so maybe I can squeeze it in then.
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photo by: vulindlela