unequal to the sweeping curve of life, stand on a single print of time.

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unequal to the sweeping curve of life, stand on a single print of time.

after driving through the zigzag road of the east fjords and away from the mountain cliffs which seemed to enclose the low clouds, we finally landed into a small town with a small harbor - and it was beautiful. the colors are just amazing - colorful houses with colorful rooftops reflected the last rays of the sun with mountain cliffs protecting the small town probably from storms and creates a natural harbor - we finally arrived at djúpivogur, the first town in the east fjords of iceland coming from the south.

the defender saw a camping site and they radioed it to us, but once we got there, it was closed. then the group suddenly dispersed - some were looking for restaurants, some looking for a grocery mart and others like maike and erik wanted to cook, either way it was ok for me but this time i followed the majority- they want hot food - so i joined them in the diner - when i went inside with them - would you believe - one hamburger, a coke and fries costed - 1200 kronur? that was like 9 euros! so expensive! it was the first time i ordered in the diner in iceland - but there was something like a promo - 5 hamburgers for only 1000 kronur each of us - so i save 200 kronur - i told rj to find other people to share with - i think it was mark, big matt and mike (?) something like that!

while waiting for our orders - because LOTS of guys had ordered - including wilkme - who ordered a hotdog - was the cheapst at 240 kronur something - but its lamb meat and i dont eat lamb.

the view of the east fjords of iceland from where i stand on the "peak" of the hill.
so anyway, i went outside to smoke, and i looked at the town from that view and it was so beautiful - so relaxed, calm, laid back - sea gulls hovering around and such a great view! the fjord cuts itself - like what i said providing a barrier for the small town of djúpivogur. then suddenly out of nowhere - someone said "hi" to me! i looked around - i thought i was one of the guys but the voice sounded so young - kids coming out from school walked past by me, said hi and smiled - i smiled back and said - only english lol. sometimes i say stupid things if it requires something smart or intelligent to say, oh well, but i was elated - i mean - it was a sign of welcome! i love children, as ive said before - i am working with children in germany, pain working with them, but joy in my heart if i see them happy.
we drove along those high mountain cliffs with rolling clouds.

our hamburgers came and it wasnt the best hamburger in the world, i shared some fries with amber who apparently can only eat pomme de terre from diners.  a child with her mother - the age of 7 or 8 kept looking at me and i realized  that we ALMOST had identical bonnets lol - then  after eating, i went out and joined the guys who were cooking and word has it that erik's gonna make some bread! i had to see it! when i saw the bread - hmmm not sure if im gonna eat that - but it was ehm - round?! lol. i got bored and went to rj and harri who were playing football, i wanted harri to do some moves - but he cant cause he got the wrong shoes - i got bored again watching the two of them play - since rj proved that he cant defend a goal lol hahahaha - david b.

the smallharbor of djúpivogur nestled in berufjörður fjord.
joined in too, but i guess, this is another moment for me to be well - you guess it - alone, i was feeling sick that time - again, coz too much overexertion from me but i still want to go to the hill from the campsite - and when i was there - i didnt regret being up! i met up with lieke and amber who were going down - i couldnt believe i would have the place all to myself! saw ashi climbing too but he was far away from me then jeff followed but he too was far.

i was at the "peak" of the hill and only only only me. from afar, i could see the road we drove and the mountain cliffs beyond that blocked the clouds - that they looked like whipped cream on top - sorry for the pun but it was.... it was just like heaven for me - it was so beautiful, the colors that lay before my eyes were possessed of great beauty.

berufjörður fjord protecting the small harbor of djúpivogur.
it was again the time for me to play with my thoughts, funny and strange - in the beginning of this blog - i wrote about "dreaming of the tundra" - it was only a dream since a was a child, and now - that dream became a reality - i had to laugh, because it was too good to be true and i didnt expected that it would happen sooner.

as the fading light of the  afternoon sun reflects the horizon of the high mountain cliffs like a gentle giant in deep slumber, the cries of sea gulls, the small picturesque and colorful town of djúpivogur and the stillness of the north atlantic, i stood on a single print of time, that moment where everything was aligned by some cosmic force - would never probably happen again, and i was glad that i was there - in THAT moment - in the right place and in the right time.

guys cooking lunch! :D with a view to die for? :P
i was so DAMN LUCKY.

still in my thoughts - i was startled by the guys - that it was time to go - reluctantly - i went down with them - still rode the little shit lada - amber and rj switched cars - i had ian as my seatmate and off we go to find our last camping spot before our camping break the next day.

i could not helpt myself as i looked backed again, i could have sat there all day till sundown. djúpivogur became my favorite town in iceland.

lauro says:
ok i take it back.
Posted on: Nov 04, 2010
RJ82 says:
thanks lauro! but amber loves no cheese pizza!
Posted on: Nov 04, 2010
lauro says:
rj - dont be - wihtouth you - the trip wouldnz be colorful - its like eating salad withouth dressing :R OR EATING AMBER'S PIZZA WIHTOUTH CHEESE hahahahah hahhaa
Posted on: Nov 04, 2010
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