under a rainbow on another gorgeous morning in iceland!

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big matt and a rainbow - i told him to search for his pot of gold lol.

i was startled and irritated by the strong light coming in from the window, i was only sleeping R.E.M. my god the whole evening that someone really snored - it wasnt a snore anymore but squealing! lol it wasnt like dave's snore that comes and goes - this one was really bad - it wall all through the evening! that person must have been so dead tired and zonked himself into snoring all whole evening lol.

inside the car - couldnt believe it - it was wet inside, moist coming in from the small opening of the car and the windows were wet. i took off my handgloves and bonnet - i was a bit sweating inside the car - though it was cold - pretty ironic, but thats that i guess. still groggy - but lots of people were already out of their tents and tarp - the morning was gorgeous - blue sky all over.

our campsite underneath a rainbow and ashi taking pics.

i put my shoes on and i started to get out - brrrrrrr it was cold! it feels like minus degrees outside! i dont want to go out! lol but again iceland never fails to give us beautiul mornings - just at the edge of our campsite - so many beautiful rainbows appeared! ahhhh... iceland is not only the land of fire and ice but also of rainbows!

i took pics from the car whoever in my shooting range was :P then the guys started to pack things up and eat breakfast - i asked hot water from erik and wilmke, i ate mango pineapple sandwhich for breakfast and some cheddar cheese which i got from david b. i ate inside - it was so cold outside - wasnt windy  - but the air was chilly - really gets into the bones! lol as were all packed and ready to go - someone was still missing - harri! he was still sleeping - until someone had to wake him up - he was so drunk and dehydrated from last night's partying inside the ass killa.

mark coming towards me and the rainbow!

as we were waiting for a while for matthew - there was some commotion about the snoring last night! hahahahaha apprently not only me noticed that - but lots of guys too :P hahahah we had 3 suspects of who could that be :P janja and me gossiped about it :P because she even heard it while she was in the ass killa :D eventhough they were parked a bit far - she could hear the snore roaring loud lol :P hahahahahahahah

when he came out - he was a mess lol - we didnt even waited for him to have his proper english breakfast lol- we drove off into the snaefellsjökull - we followed the ass killa who drove into another path where it goes higher! lets see - whats the real score between snaefellsjökull and the small mountain at our campsite if thats the real mountain or not?! we will see!

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big matt and a rainbow - i told hi…
big matt and a rainbow - i told h…
our campsite underneath a rainbow …
our campsite underneath a rainbow…
mark coming towards me and the rai…
mark coming towards me and the ra…
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photo by: lauro