trespassing a private property to wild camp & the craziest night which i missed coz i was sick! argh

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me inside the shit lada and the guys having fun outside :( *sniff*

as we came out of the rugged plateau, i was surprised that that the colors of autumn are alive in thie pasrt of iceland - much like at Þingvellir national park. it was damp, cold and rainy. - it was not an ideal weather to set up camp and the weather makes me feel so sleepy and lazy.

we drove through a gravel road - a normal one lol and passing through scattered houses, a big lake and lots of trees - which i can call, some forest - forest in iceland? doenst really fit - but who knows?! we drove and we drove scounting for a camping spot - but it was no use - either some empty lands were fenced or we were close to civilization as lots of houses and farms were in the area.

time to ask some people if we could camp in their farmland! we drove into a driveway of someone's house and someone was looking at us from the window - big matt and maike rang the bell, it took some moment before someone came out - big matt was eyeing the barn of the farm to sleep on.

rj made this great or not-so-great lol caricature of me that day!
after some long talks with the old woman - who apprently do not speak english - she refused to let us camp in her property - so it was time to move one - but big matt looked longingly at that barn :P i think he wanted to roll himself on hay lol hahahaha hahahaha.

driving forward - we spotted some free spaces but its direct by the road - im sure it would be another escapade with the police again, but then - i dont know which car saw it - someone saw a fenced property :D it looked discreet enough for camping. we parked the cars and scouted the place - yes, its a private property - my heart was beating fasr as they opened the gate - i really dont want to get in trouble - i didnt even imagined that we would be doing something like this :D - it was a cold sunset - and the colors and of autumn were present - we were in some sort of forest. as the cars drove slowly into the interior of the private property - i went with amber further a bit and lo and behold! we really saw a traditional icelandic house! its a hobbit hole! carved from a hill and tatched roof from grass!!!!!!! i really tell you - iceland is the setting of the lord of the rings (book!).

amber and excitedly explored the "hobbit house!" - i wanted to see whats inside! i opened the front door - and behold theres a door and then another! arrrghhh but i felt bad doing it - i asked amber to show me the pic she took before i opened the doors and i arranged it exactly the way it was before :D - leave no traces :P hahahaha.

as the dutchies prepared the tarp - i went to the guys whoe were building tents - hmmmmmmm david b. was struggling lol - so i asked if i could help him set-up his tent. there arent any free spaces anymore for his tent to be built excpt for that spot and - there was a bump on that spot - i wonder how would he sleep? lol anyway - i helped david b. construct his tent - WRONGLY hahahaha i guess i wasnt the construction type :D so big matt came to the rescue and helped david b.

i got sicker because of my nervousness camping in that private property  - coz it was soooo obvious that its private and someone uses it - based from some wood chopped, the hobbit house and well maintained path - i dont even want to think about getting caught.

it was cooking time - and lieke asked who wanted boiling water - i volunteered immediately and gave my noodles - i ate inside the lada together with amber, janja, rj and erik - it was a lot of fun - of just telling stories about each other and rj began sketching erik - and rj being rj - SPILLED MY NOODLES and spoiled the fun arrrghhhh. i dont wannt to go out and they started drinking games - i mean i WANT to go out - but im sick. i decided to sleep on the bandit (land cruiser) - while they were having fun (i dont know what theyre doing) i was having a hard time sleeping on the bandit! there were so many bumps - seatbelts blah blah that i felt like the princess and the pea fairytale drama.

when i finally got to sleep - someone was screaming! then another and another! arrrghhh i looked at the clock - it was around midnight :P mind you i heard the noises - inside the car and so many meters away from them lol - i wanted to go out and check - but im already wearing light clothes. then the backdoor of the bandit opened and some voiced - for sure i heard janja and lieke's voices!

then after an hour the screaming stopped - i shifted myself into every position to sleep - i drank water and i thought i saw some kind of light in the sky?!! probably the northern lightw? perhaps or perhaps not but i was too tired  to check it out - thank god the next day we will have beds!

i wanted to know what happened last night!

lauro says:
ahahahahahhahaahahah - for the next days i really stayed healthy - i dont want to miss any fun! :P

i would love love to take some blackmail pics on that :D
Posted on: Nov 05, 2010
Globevoyager says:
at least you didn't got your head slammed in the Ass Killa like RJ did... chicken fights, Matt hugging AND breaking a poor little xmas tree, Ash showing his frustrations by jumping on an unbreakable bottle, ...
Posted on: Nov 05, 2010
RJ82 says:
you missed out was fun.. but i also missed out on some of that night.

and me spilling the noodles didnt ruin everything! hhaha
Posted on: Nov 04, 2010
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me inside the shit lada and the gu…
me inside the shit lada and the g…
rj made this great or not-so-great…
rj made this great or not-so-grea…
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