trespassing into an old abandoned house and still under the shadow of vatnajökull.

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travbuddy trepassers! :P with big matt leading the way! :D

before i start this entry - i just want you all to know that we had NOT showered for 3 days now! :D lol but tomorrow will change, beause we would be taking a break from camping! hurrah! REAL beds for us! lol.

anyway, circling iceland can be quite exhausting - not exhausting like we were tired or anything - exhausting because the country is so beautiful, exhausting - because theres so little time to absorb all its grandeur and beauty.

still driving under the shadow of vatnajökull glacier with the sun fighting through the perpetual hovering clouds, we drove to the east - were leaving behind the "touristic" iceland, into a part of iceland which seldom non-icelanders do - into the east and eventually all the way to the north.

were just doing nonsense things inside the little shit lada and as usual rj attacked my crackers, he looked as though he was deprived of food for months! hahahaha but like i said thats ok - its so fun making fun of rj! hahahaha driving for around 15-20 mins.

dave in his own world :D and he apparently like this pic of him that he begged to have it lol.
suddenly - the ass killa stopped. i really had NO IDEA why! then they were pointing to the otherside of the road - i was looking all the time at the side of vatnajökull glacier and didnt paid ANY attention to what was on the other side coz it's mostly grass and flatlands. big matt was pointing to AN OLD ABANDONED HOUSE!

as usual amber got excited like a little girl opening her first christmas present lol - old abandoned houses are her forte in her photographs and im sure - she will be her happiest! lol - whatever that is hahahaha :P

unfortunately, their was a fence and a close gate leading towards the old abandoned house - but as ive said - were travbuddies and we like to bend the rules - a little bit - like breaking into someone's property and trespassing :D hahhhaaa hahahahah.

big matt!!!!! after chasing some sheeps lol.

leading the way was big matt - behind him were of course amber :P, lieke, dave, ian me and david b. the other guys stayed behind and i just rolled my eyes as they played football IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD lol.

the path towards the abandoned house way muddy - and since for decades that no one has been living there - so the path wasnt mainted - feeling and hearing the slosh of water in my boots, ith too much jumping to avoid the muddy paths - david b. gave up and didnt went further lol. as we were there, the view from the house was - AMAZING! vatnajökull glacier on the front view, mountains and clifss dropping into the sea on the other! who could such abandon a house like that?!!! if i would inherit that house - ill fix it in no time (eventhough im not the construction type of person :P)

after some sheep chasing (big matt), dave in his own world (see picture), amber opening her christmas gift, and lieke taking professional pictures - and i an went back ahead of us - it was time to go back to the car - but then as we headed closer - there was another car parked and a loude voice of an angry (?) man can be heard - big matt went immediately to him and explained that we just took pics :P i really dont know what happened coz when i got there he left! anyway, we got back into the cars again, and for the first time in the trip - i felt tired and i think i overexerted my efforts again and im becoming sick again.

lieke and amber!
i hope not though, or i guess it was ok because the next day we will have finally our break from camping with hot showers and bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hurrah!

so off we go into the east!

lauro says:
i know :D i saw the light coming out from eyes as we got down from the cars :D
Posted on: Nov 02, 2010
esterrene says:
old houses are christmas gifts!! :)
Posted on: Nov 01, 2010
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travbuddy trepassers! :P with big …
travbuddy trepassers! :P with big…
dave in his own world :D and he ap…
dave in his own world :D and he a…
big matt!!!!! after chasing some s…
big matt!!!!! after chasing some …
lieke and amber!
lieke and amber!
that was the color of the clouds! …
that was the color of the clouds!…
the abandoned old house!
the abandoned old house!
photo by: lauro