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my co-organizer maike! i thank you.

two years will pass as i again will organize a roadtrip in travbuddy. a roadtrip that is very unusual from the rest, because it takes a great amount of skill and team effort to be able to reach the final destination.

i tried to gather a team of unusual and experienced travbuddies who are willing to go with me and test their limits. the lucky number is 13, for only 13 people me and my co-organizer have agreed upon.

*but suddenly, a second ground group wanted to drive along with us! that would be more fun! but they would be excluded from the expenses on our group - because it would raise the cost of each individual if its more than thirteen people, but its ok for them! the important thing is that they we would be able to share this unique experience with each other!*

i already met some  travbuddies who are coming and some dont, but constantly communicating in chat.

matthew in the grand canyon.
the team i had gathered had already done so many unusual and extraordinary trip in their lives, has passion and desire to explore the uknown, or are willing to do something extreme for the sake of traveling.

some had done trekking in the himalayas, great athletes, done long distance roadtrips, sailed the seas, have experience in camping in extreme conditions but no one of us have tried to do a combination of camping and roadtripping in an extreme condition - and iceland in autumn would be the most perfect opportunity to test our limits.

in my opinion, this will not be a bragging right, but something more of an inner accomplishment. something that each of us wanted to do sometime in our lives and this is a perfect opportunity to make a dream a reality.

the lucky 13 has been set, the travbuddies and my friends who are willingly coming with me. so far so good, they had been the most consistent in communicating with me and my co-organizer.
matt somewhere in france or australia? lol help me! hahah but im sure its france! lol
for sure, we will not know if everybody in the confirmed list will come, but in my opinion, the team is so perfect, its like a dream come true.

maike -  my co-organizer, as i posted in the forum of a travbuddy roadtrip to iceland - she didnt bat her eyelashes and was ready and willing to come and also presented herself to be my co-organizer for the trip. i am very much relieved to know that maike is coming along, because i needed her for the trip. she is a very well organized person, advanced in thinking and above all - a great athlete who had done so many extreme things in her young life. with her vast experiences, like living in a remote village in africa, rafting and trekking in the himalayas and many more - i believe she alone, can carry the group in our times of need and trouble. maike also is coordinating the technicalities and logistics in the trip, car rental and accounting, i am so glad that she is my co-organizer because i couldnt done a job like that but she is willing to do it for the group.
the beautiful and athletic lieke.
i am so much excited to travel - no - to make a journey with maike - it will seem challenging and would take me to another different level.

lieke - same as the league of maike, lieke is also a great athlete - with so many experiences like mountain/volcano climbing, roadtripping, sailing and many more physical activities - her skills would make a great asset and contribution to our trip in iceland plus she is also a willing driver and excited to show her driving skills in the rough road of iceland.

amber  - one of my favorites in travbuddy - although we have never met - but constantly communicating through chat, we believe we are kindred spirits.
you have to wear more clothes in iceland david! wahahaha
amber is a great photographer - her skills and talent in photography awed me the first time i saw it - very raw and beautiful - i am sure - with her, she can make great pictures of the melancholic scenery in autumn in iceland, but not only that she is also a good driver - having to drive long distance trips in the usa is another asset that she can contribute in our trip to iceland.

mike - one of the travbuddies coming that i personally knew. mike has also the experience in the extreme as he had trekked the himalayas and visited remote villages in one of the least known countries in the world - lesotho. his eagerness to join us is withouth a doubt a true reflection that he doenst mind the extreme conditions of iceland and that would be a challenge for him.
amber - a kindred spirit and a great photographer.

matt - again a travbuddy i personally knew - like mike, he is also very eager to join the group - im sure he's not sleeping anymore as he confirmed himself (hahahaha) i really get along with him, and also he drove alone with his 4x4 all over australia, and he is eager to contribute his driving skills for our roadtrip to iceland - i cannot wait how he handles ice and frost on the road hahahahaha.

matthew - a smart person - as i met met him, his insights about life had impressed me. for sure he doenst know everything but who would right?! but when he says something it makes me sit up, take notice and listen. also had experienced in roadtripping and he is also very eager to test his driving skills in the remote areas of iceland - his also eager and praying to see one of his dreams in life - to be able to see the northern lights - i hope he would realize that dream as he travel with us.
mike in his trek in the himalayas!

wilmke  - a friend of maike, i do not know anythign about her - but maike said she is willing to do this roadtrip - well a friend of maike is also my friend - i trust her judgement. she knows alot about camping stuff too! so its really great to have her along.

david - well he's lazy hahahaha he said he doenst want to drive! fine! hahahaha well i guess everyone knows about david. and i am/we are very honored that he will come with us, i am a little bit nervous because of expectations. but i guess with all the effort this team has to put up, everything (hopefully) will turn alright in the end. david also like camping and roadtripping - and i asked him in the beginning if its ok with the cold and he told me, that he doenst mind the cold at all! a true adventurous spirit.
wilmke, maike's friend.
it would be amazing to be with him around and give us grades while he sits back and relax! ahahahahahahaha

janja - also a friend of maike and i got to know her a little bit as i visited slovenia and intantly we clicked! she has a personality that i was looking for in trips like this!!! she is easy to get along with and so hospitable towards me and my friend when we visited her home country slovenia. she has worked with maike in the summer camps in the usa, and that means, she has a lot of experience dealing with the outdoor situation - including problems along the way. as i have said before, i trust maike and a friend of maike is also my friend.

rj - the shortest and easiet name to remember in the group! hahahahaha.
janja - an experienced camper.
rj belongs in the waiting list, eventhough, he kept communicating with me and maike about the trip, maike and me can see that he really wants it. when the opportunity arised, that he can move up from the waiting confirmed to the list, i immediately said to him that he's in! and he was happy about it. although, rj told me that he hasnt experienced this kind of trip, i assured him, that everything will be ok, like being stuck in the snowstorm and have to push the car hahaha. it doenst matter if rj doenst have any experience, the overwhelming desire to do something different is good enough for me.

erik - since fernando dropped, i looked for a person who can fill his place! i mean i need a crazy guy in the trip! someone i could banter with! lol.
rj and his... thoughts?! ahahaha
at first i didnt knew he is a travbuddy because wilmke suggested him that she has a friend who has time and most important of all - money lol to go with us in our adventure. as i started getting to know erik i was surprised that he has a travbuddy profile made long ago but hes not active - now its time for him to be more active lol. he's a great athlete and knows alot about camping and surviving in the wilderness - i am glad that he is in with us in the team!

and last but not the least

jeffrey - i coulnd't believe that in such a short notice of someone dropping AGAIN from the group, jeffrey was so quick to add himself up! :P well it wasnt a problem adding him as he was able to sort everything out and he wanted to experience something like this in hif life :P so why not?! lol and he is a medical doctor too! its amazing because if someone needed medical attending he said he will be ready to assist! the team couldnt get any better than this! and the best part of all - hes funny! reminds me of doogie howser :P lol hahaha

as for me.

erik is a great athlete and im glad he would come as he had so many experiences in outdoor camping!
. hmmm.. i probably may not have the vast experiences these travbuddies and friends have but i will make sure they will have a monkey to play with hahahaha - kidding aside - i do not mind at all - for sure, i got sick in my travels, near death encouters, accidents, got lost, complained alot, cracked and all these misadventures that would never end in my path - but these unusual exepriences that i had, never felt so rewarding because it set me free in the end and gave me wonderful feelings and satisfaction that only i would understand.

despite the fact, that i got too many criticisms against this trip, it never faltered the spirits and egos (?!) hahaha of the friends i got for this trip. for sure, there will be bumps and glitches along the way, even the easiest of trips experienced that. i think, the reason why friends would come with me, is that it is very unconventional trip from the others, it will involve alot of teamwork, experiences, wits and strength that could make this challenging trip more challenging.
jeffrey! our medical doctor! :D doenst look like isnt it? :P lol hahaha
i know this is asking too much and pushing it too hard for the group, even some of the experienced friends who are coming have doubts, but by thinking all of these negative thoughts, somehow it made all the planning even more thrilling.

as hellen keller would say: life is a great adventure or nothing.

Amrisalem says:
like how you speak of your friends and fellow TBs
all respect Mr. Lauro :)
Posted on: Apr 04, 2011
lauro says:
oh alice i wish you could whip up something for us every night of camping :P
Posted on: Sep 28, 2010
alicegourmet says:
I'm so sure you guys will have an awesome trip and time together! Very envy you all! =)
Posted on: Sep 27, 2010
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my co-organizer maike! i thank you.
my co-organizer maike! i thank you.
matthew in the grand canyon.
matthew in the grand canyon.
matt somewhere in france or austra…
matt somewhere in france or austr…
the beautiful and athletic lieke.
the beautiful and athletic lieke.
you have to wear more clothes in i…
you have to wear more clothes in …
amber - a kindred spirit and a gre…
amber - a kindred spirit and a gr…
mike in his trek in the himalayas!
mike in his trek in the himalayas!
wilmke, maikes friend.
wilmke, maike's friend.
janja - an experienced camper.
janja - an experienced camper.
rj and his... thoughts?! ahahaha
rj and his... thoughts?! ahahaha
erik is a great athlete and im gla…
erik is a great athlete and im gl…
jeffrey! our medical doctor! :D do…
jeffrey! our medical doctor! :D d…
im ready to take them all down! br…
im ready to take them all down! b…
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