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i was suddenly awaken by janja "lauro wake up" huh?! i said - is it already 4 am? my god when i was just starting to sleep - its time to wake up! arrrrghhhhh.

erik was still in bed - thank god he wasnt moaning lol - we have about 10 minutes to arrange stuff as the bus to airport leaves at 4:20 am. i hurriedly put all some remaining stuff and double checked my bags. i left so many icelandic kronur coins - i thought i wouldnt be needing them since coins couldnt be exchanged. when i checked everything - erik was already awake - ok we have 15 minutes to go - harri came down too as he was going to be with us. we were careful not to awake jeff as he was still sleeping, but with all the commotions, he couldnt sleep - so he was awake too.

janja, erik, ashi, harri and me were the ones leaving early. maike and lieke supposed to be too - but they would like to sleep one more hour!

as we were about to depart - jeff decided to tag along with us to the bus station - he cant sleep anymore - as we locked the doors - big matt suddenly came out - he hugged everybody - i was the last  - and i hugged big matt tightly - like a father lol. i thanked him so much for coming to iceland and be one of our most reliable and dependent driver - withouth him, god knows what would happen :D lol

as our last goodbyes have said (while the others were still sleeping) we headed to the us station which was a 5 minute walk. there were other people who were waiting for their rides too. it will be a long drive - the airport is around 35 kms from the city center, so it will take us almost an hour to get there.

as the bus came, we sat on the backseat - we waved goodbye to jeff at the bus station!!!!! specially janja who really went to the front of the bus door to personally wave to jeff - that was touching!

ashi and erik sat together, janja and harri and i sat with a stranger. i tried to close to close my eyes - it would be a longer drive than i thought because the buses picked up passengers from each hotels/lodges/inn whatever lol to the airport.

ashi and erik were talking but their voices were really loud :P an american couple (from the accent)told them to shut up since its early in the morning - i just rolled my eyes - she couldve booked another ticket - that leaves in the afternoon if she felt like being cranky early in the morning! DUH?!

finally we arrived in the airport and we headed to our check-in counters!

lauro says:
im sure it was one of your relatives :D ahahaha
Posted on: Dec 06, 2010
RJ82 says:
damn rude americans. lol
Posted on: Dec 06, 2010
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