i thought i was on the wrong train! lol

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me and denis!

as i got inside the train in düsseldorf, i looked for my cabin - and arrrggghhhhh i got inside on the wrong car, so i walked and walked - carrying 3 bags while wobbling and stumbling until finally i came to my cabin,  and looked inside it and it was YUCK. i checked the number seating on my ticket and it said so, then i looked again inside, there were 3 girls inside the the cabin sleeping like little piglets with lots of their stuff on the ground, the only things were missing were posters of boy bands from magazines - it looked like they played slumber party inside the cabin! so i walked into the next cabin and fortunately found it with one passenger - a boy? a man? uhm im not sure - but he was staring intently at a map of europe lol.

i said excuse to him and asked if it's ok to stay in the cabin and he said yes.

denis! who thought iceland is russia! lol haha
as i settled my things, we introduced ourselves, his name was denis - with only 1  "s" and he came from italy, i really dont want to talk because i want to get some sleep to see the storaebelt bridge early in the morning in denmark but he was so persistent, he asked me where i was going and i told him im going to iceland, i wasnt expecting this answer from him and he said "where is that?" i had to fucking bit my tongue to keep from laughing so hard lol and i asked him for his europe map, i tried to look for iceland, but it wasnt in the map lol. so i told him, its a country outside of the european continent and close to greenland and he said "ah so you're going to russia?" lol, "no", i said - "to I C E L A N D". "ah" he said "so you're going to russia then?" if it werent for his SERIOUS expression on his face i would have laughed out loud, trying not to laugh kept me awake lol hahaha because i wondered if i was on the right train! lol kjúklingur moments lol.

he asked me if i had been to copenhagen and i said yes, about 3 years ago. he asked me how many hours would it take and how many cities we would pass and i pointed the places in germany and in denmark the stops for the train and the border control.

we had lots of laughter inside our cabin because he was really funny - i mean he doesnt make an effort to be funny - hey just funny! lol. he fucking smokes inside the cabin and the toilets - even if i am a smoker i could not do that! arrrghhhhh. hahahah he's such a character. anyway, we prayed that no one would sit inside our cabin so we can both sleep horizontally - after passing through cologne - we high fived coz there werent any passengers! he was so happy - he smoked! lol hahahahahahaha.

so i made my own bed from the seats in the train, and started to sleep, it was before 10 pm - hoping to get at least 6 hours of sleep - that good enough to roam around copenhagen when i arrived in denmark! we said goodnight to each other and denis curled like a cocoon in the seats! lol


lauro says:
hahahahaha he's really a character - i couldnt sleep on the train coz i was chuckling the whole night. lol
Posted on: Oct 28, 2010
Dalmia says:
LOL! No, seriously...I laughed out loud reading this entry! Hilarious!
Posted on: Oct 27, 2010
lauro says:
hahahaha he was such a character! ;D i was never bored but i didnt had any silence either lol
Posted on: Oct 20, 2010
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me and denis!
me and denis!
denis! who thought iceland is russ…
denis! who thought iceland is rus…
photo by: lauro