teary goodbyes and tight hugs at the airport *sniff* and a random b*tch.

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only janja managed a smile on this very early morning flight!

arriving at keflavik airport we hurriedly we hurriedly went to our respective airlines :P well it was only two airlines serving iceland anyway hahahaha - harri, janja and ashi went to the counters of iceland express and me and eric went into iceland air - diff check in counters for cities though - i got confused, because i was looking for düsseldorf, germany - then it hit me - that im flying into copenhagen :P hahaha still too early in the morning for me - im still groggy.

i patiently lined up in the copenhagen row, i was being aware that i would be the next passenger to confirm my tickets, i dont have any sleep but as ive said - i was aware. then suddenly a woman from beside me - fucking yelled at me! whattafuck?! she was saying and shouting NEXT NEXT NEXT while stomping her feet ala jeff on the floor - and i just looked at her and i said no, thats not my line im going to copenhagen.

puffy, red, swollen and dilated eyes were signs of only having a 2 hour sleep!
hahahaha whats with all these people?!!!! first the people inside the bus and now these people inside the airport - if theyre impatient or doenst want to leave in an ungodlay hour of 4 am, they better not travel - stay at home - eat popcorns, drink beer in the couch and watch reruns of sesame street! to make them better persons the next time ok?! lol hahahahaha - i couldve been angry with that bitch, but i cant - i laughed all the way to counter when it was turn. lol ahahaha

i got my boarding pass and looked for erik and i still couldnt help chuckling and when i met the guys - i told them the story lol.

so after we got our boarding passes we headed to find coffee, too early - still too early - i think it was 5:30 am - it was my earliest flight as i could remember! hmmm maybe to athens or vienna - cant remember anymore lol.

finally some smiles! :P

we found a cheap cafeteria - i ordered 1 butter croissant and black tea. no one was really talking because were all sleepy lol - but harri led - as usual about his unforgetable blonde icelandic girls in reykjavik :D lol hahahahaha. then ashi and me talked that we will meet in copenhagen and see the city as we have an 8 hour stopover there.

we sat and clowed for a while at our table before harri, ashi and janja left, i hugged janja so tight - she was like a sister to me in the whole trip (all the laughter and tears we shared), this would be our very last goodbye before we head home, after janja - i hugged harri - harri was that someone, that i didnt talk very much but if, its really a quality conversation, i will gonna miss him and ashi - i told him to wait for me at copenhagen airport! lol

so it was me and big erik who were lft, we went around trying to find free internet :P but we we didnt found any lol - we went into an electronics shop with games, dvds and cams - im trying to find a new lens and compare costs.

the cheapest coffee shop in keflavik airport!
but it was expensive - we fooled around some icelandic dvds - but it was again unfortunately too expensive, whew - how can iceland survive in the tourism industry - when everything is almost unpayable.

i told erik - i needed to go to the toilet and then i saw A SIGN. i think its the best sign i could ever have!!!!!!!! like you know - where the 3 kings followed the star bethlehem and saw jesus?!!!  I FUCKING SAW A SMOKING AREA!!!! ahahahahah i excused to erik andtold him ill be back in 15 mins!!!! there i smoked 3 times lol hahahahaha

when i got back erik brought a magic card - i forgot the creator but he said - its a famous artist. there was still an hour to kill time - so we bought drinks again - it took so long - that when i actually got it - it was only 10 mins till my boarding time!!!! i couldnt gulped down the tea coz its still too hot - but i hugged erik - he became the closest friend i had in the iceland trip, he was like my younger brother but bigger and stronger lol, he promised to visit me in germany - not anytime - BUT SOON.

then we hugged again. i will miss all of them.

i almost ran into the boarding gate! when i got there - they were already boarding - gave my boarding pass and looked for my seat - it was still dark outside - theres no sense to look at the window anyway - but it took almost 15 minutes before 2 icelanders took the seats, after they settled in - i didnt even waited for the complimentary drinks - i closed my eyes and trying to block every light and noise that surrounded me.

i fell asleep.

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only janja managed a smile on this…
only janja managed a smile on thi…
puffy, red, swollen and dilated ey…
puffy, red, swollen and dilated e…
finally some smiles! :P
finally some smiles! :P
the cheapest coffee shop in keflav…
the cheapest coffee shop in kefla…
photo by: Vikram