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the crowning glory of our roadtrip in iceland: the elusive northern lights that showed itself on our last night of camping (pic from big matt tb: matt)

*this is a long blog entry, if i miss some parts writing, it isnt the story anymore*

as kaldidalur, the volcanoes and glaciers of Þórisjökull and ók were behind us - I WAS VERY SURE that, that would be our VERY last adventure in iceland. the desolate landscape was nowhere to be found - we were driving again back to where the vegetation and civilization were. i didnt had any idea of which wild camping spot were gonna invade that night :P lol but as ive looked at the map - were heading to the lake Þingvallavtn, we were there on our first day of roadtrip *sigh* felt really sad to know that this will be our last day and last night of roadtripping and camping in iceland. why do all the good things must come to an end?! sadly i would never know the answer.

the enigmatic sunset at Þingvallavatn.

we drove around Þingvallavatn to find a wild camping spot - it was difficult - because it's near to reykjavik and 90% of the icelandic population lives around this area. there were farms, fences (first time after 2 days i saw fences on the road again) it was between 4-5 pm, the sun slowly sets-in - but it was sunny and a little bit cloudy. im sure there's no chance for us to see the northern lights on the trip - but anyway - i had given up the thought of seeing the northern lights - ive seen so much of iceland! i really could not ask for more - i saw what i wanted to see since coming here - the troll rocks of reynisdrangar.

so for the last 2 days, im not expecting to see the northern lights, in fact it was already in the back of my mind!

we drove and drove and drove - it was no use - were just around 60 kms far from reykjavik - so much people living and having fenced farms here. then we decided to just camp on the the road beside the lake! lol i mean not directly on the road - but beside it. we pulled the cars on a grassy soft spot - there was a forest there but it was fenced - thanked god - for the first time - they didnt opened the gate and trespassed :P i dont want to have another heart attack again!!! i had too many of those :P i need first to see on the computer the pics in iceland i made - then "maybe" i could die after :P lol so we set up camp, build the tarp and constructed the tents.

driving towards Þingvallavatn.
as they were finished, i went to the lake and took pics of the beautiful shadows, silhouttes and palettes surrounding Þingvallavatn. it was so beautiful! i touched the water - fuckkkkkk!!!! it was cold! brrrrrr. well it was not cold, i left my jacket in the car, i was only wearing my knitted sweater - as usual - david b. was behind me :P lol im kinda used to being followed by david b. wherever i go :P so im not surprised anymore if i turned around and see him looming beside me :P he asked me how was his cheese, i told him it was salty :P hahahahaha hahahahaha i mean seriously - i told him that ive been chomping on his cheese like mighty mouse and david b. laughed :P  well, its "unusual to see david b. laugh - he just smiles but laughing is another story. am i am grateful for his present to me, and would you believe that the cheese was almost gone - it was really yummy i told him seriously :P we joked for a while beside the lake before some of the guys joined in - and my cam battery was getting low so no use in taking pics - i excused myself and put the cam back in the car and joined them again.
thank you for your cheese david b. i would miss your little jokes and stalking after the roadtrip. :(


we were having fun in the lake - the guys were playing football - IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD lol from time to time, some other cars/buses would pass us and they wave to us with looks of amazement in their faces! hahahaha there we were illegally camping again :P hahahahaha. i tried my "football" skills, they were amazed i can  - i said of course :P but im not in the mood.. im actually dying to play billiards... anyway i cant be picky! lol

suddenly - the little shit lada just drove!!!!! oh nooooooooo!!!! it was getting cold and my jacket was there! i immediately asked who drove - and it was janja and harri - aaaaarrrghh actually i was really angry - because my jacket, my camera, my drinks AND MY FUCKING FOOD was inside the shit lada! im getting hungry!!!!!! not only me but also mark too - because he had somethign very important inside the shit lada.

harri cooking sausage and beans :))) thank you for pointing venus for me.

in that time the shit lada was gone - no one could see me smiling, of course i was bad tripped that time, some guys were starting to eat and there i was i - standing in the cold and hungry - even david b. couldnt cheer me up :( i was shivering, as the sun was starting to set, getting windy too - i dont have handgloves and scarf - damn it! then all of a sudden - erik came up to me and he said he can lend me his unused fleece sweater so ican use it as layer - nevermind its 2x bigger than me the important thing was - IT COULD KEPT ME WARM - i hugged erik for his good deed - SUDDENLY IM BACK IN ACTION AGAIN! hahahahahahahaha all i need was to get warm and recharged! but i was hungry! suddenly - i saw bearby from david b's tent there were some familiar looking plastic bags! IT WAS MY FOOD!!!!!!! suddenly im not that really "angry" anymore lol hahaha i made some chicken sandwhich and ate it! yam yam yam! drank pepsi too - ok im satisfied - im not "angry" anymore at janja and harri lol hahahahaha.

our last wild camping spot :(
im just a simple person with simple needs :P but im still kinda nervous coz my cam was in there and pictures and my sd cards were my treasures!!! i dont care if the cam would be damaged but the sd cards!!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeee lol

then some guys went crazy! they wanted to swim in the lake! maike, ashi, amber, dave and erik!!!!!!! big matt was egging me to swim too but i said - i im small, i cant :P big matt laughed and said whats gotta do with it?! told him its just so - its the cosmic law :P hahahahahaha to put the pressure out from me :P i shouted that DAVID B. wanted to swim! hahahahahaha then all of us were chnating david b's name :P but again - he wasnt to be found :P he hid himself! hahahahahah hahahahahaha

my god!!!!!! the really really stripped their clothes off! fuck it i dont have my camera! hahahahahah hahaha but with big matt's small cam i prepared to take a video and when the guys went in the water - OH MY GOD after 20 seconds they came back! hahahahah hahaha IT WAS FUCKING COLD! hahahahah but it was fun!!!! - for them and for us as spectators :P hahahahaha


after some minutes - sitting and ALL OF US was waiting when the little shit lada would came :P finally - when it came poor janja and harri - they received alot of teasings :P hahahahahaha then janja came up to me and apologized - well i told her i was angry at first, but i told her not worry, i dont get "really" angry, at least nothing worst happened right?!! so the show still goes on! lol hahahahaha we hugged each other!

then we told them the news about the guys swimming in the cold lake! harri, janja and of course not to be outdone :P rj joined too! hahahahahahahaha this one was much longer :P i think they could endure the cold more :P hahahahaha

after some laughter and drying - it was time to eat real food! harri volunteered to cook and he asked me if i needed boiling water - of course! i left my thermos at harri's while some of the guys played football in the dark.

on the road to Þingvallavatn.
the sky was so clear - full of stars! it illuminated the lake faintly. as my boiling water was finished - i put some on my goulasch soup (which i hid :P hahahahaa) hahahaha im missing german food...... it was too cold to eat outside so i ate in the shit lada - david b. followed me again :P he was curious what i was eating! lol i told him im missing german food - that im eating goulasch soup with bread and HIS CHEESE! lol.

david b. and me talked for a while and he went on to prepare his dinner while maike helped ashi at the back of the shit lada to start fire. i went back to the gang after i finished dinner and harri bragging how good he can cook and i seconded his thought because i tasted his cooking before - but he cooked beans with sausage and sausage means lamb meat in iceland - i dont eat lamb but due to harri - i ate a small bite which big matt spooned into my mouth lol :P after the guys finished their dinner - they played football in the dark which i briefly joined but i got bored lol.

harri taking a pic of the lake :)))
i went back to the lada and started drinking my darjeeling tea, then ahahahaha david b. followed me again :P lol, we talked about certain stuffs - not cheese anymore :P we talked some serious stuff - but to be honest - i could not concentrate on the conversation because as i smoked a cigarette and blew it up i saw so many shooting stars in the sky! it was so beautiful...... they falling stars painted the sky - with the comet's tails fades into the black night! o wished the deepest desire in my heart that time, something i had longed for - and no - i wont tell it. i also felt sorry..... because... i couldnt concentrate with david b. i felt so distracted talking to him and looking at the sky.... and it turned out it was my last conversation with him.

daivd b. went to the guys playing football.

maike, dave and erik swimming in cold Þingvallavatn. (pic from ian tb:saltycoco
.. while i looked for my flashlight, it would be nice to spend some time alone looking at the shooting stars on a clear night. i couldnt find my god damn flashlight, so i used my handy phone light - i walked a bit far from the noise - where i can only hear the gentle lap of the small waves of the lake, suddenly in the dark a voice said "NEED SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF TOO?" it was harri! i was surprised! i thought he was playing football with the gang - apparently he wanted to be alone and  told him i can leave and i can look for some other spot! he said i could keep him company - harri and me talked alot - we had some common friends, we talked about life,  our trip to iceland and the end of it, harri could only say good words about the trip and i was really glad he was there - he was one of the pillars.
i stitched 3 pics of harri, janja and rj swimming in the cold lake :P
then it was some time of educational conversation :P harri told me he knew alot about stars and he pointed to me the brightest one which is not a star but the planet venus. i saw another side of harri that time. it was good to talk individually to the guys rather than talking with a group - harri excused himself because he needed his english tea :P and i said to him to boil water for me too :P i would follow him as i would like to finish one more round of smoke.

i went back and got hot water from harri, i got too tired - it was around 9 pm, tomorrow the cars would be returned in reykjavik and we have to face that grumpy hostel caretaker again :P lol.

i went to the car, and munching david b's cheese, i swear my mouth was reaking cheese all over - as i was about to brush my teeth - big matt knocked the door - he wanted to talk to me! lol of course i let him in! aaaaahhhh.

amber, maike, dave, ashi and harri dove into the cold lake! pic from ian (tb: saltycoco)
... it was about time to talk to big matt, i didnt had the chance since hes in the ass killa, i met big matt 2 years ago but i didnt got the chance to talk to him more -  and now was the time. we had so many common friends that we talked about, our lives, our plans, and i thanked him that he came to iceland when i invited him and he said no - he thanked me for inviting him!!!! ahhh big matt was such a character! lol love his british english! he even invited me to stay with him in london! i would consider that  :P then suddenly - someone knocked on the door - it was david b.! lol he came inside and we talked the three of us - then another knock came - it was ashi!!! he and david b. sat on the front and the 4 of us talked - then another knock came - it was mike! so david b.
mountains behind the lake.
had to move and sate bside me! arrrghhhhh the little shit lada was too small for big matt and david b. i was fucking squeezed like an english sausage bezween those two! lol hahahahahaha and i was so embarassed because everytime i opened my mouth, the smell of stinky cheese came out! lol we had laughter inside and some mean joked thrown at me :P lol before they left - i hugged big matt and thanked him. oh btw - i was too tired to brush my teeth :P ill do it tomorrow lol


i prepared to sleep and anticipating the long day tomorrow - our glacier hike at sólheimajökull glacier with the tour company and finally the travbuddy dinner!!!! it was cold - but NOT that cold like in snaefellsjökull, so i slept wearing erik's fleece jacket.

preparing to set up camp!

i wasnt in deep sleep - after an hour dave finally crawled inside the car and slept at the front wheel. then after an hour there was an urgent knock on the door - it was big matt! OH NO - was he going to talk to me again? :P hahahahaha apprently he was gonna take a piss and he saw something odd in the sky!!!!!! he exciteldy told me that i should have a look if thats the northern lights!

aaarghhh it was too cold to get our and i dont want to dress up again - i opened the car and looked groggily in the sky - OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!! the smoke green color illuminated the sky - it was not bright though - it was a little bit faint - it doenst matter it WAS STILL THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!!!

I FUCKING SCREAMED AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS TO FUCKING WAKE EVERYBODY UP!!!!!!!! wheres maike?!! wheres lieke?!! where's amber?!! where's david b.

out of kaldidalur into Þingvallavatn.
?!! wheres ashi?!! where's ian?!! where's mark?! where's wilmke?! where's janja?! where's jeff?!! where's rj?! where's harri?!! where's mike?! where's erik?!!!!!! WELL EVERYBODY EXCEPT MARK (who thought it was a hoax :P hahaha) got up and witnessed the beautiful and elusive aurora borealis!!!!!

it was so beautiful! the faint smokey green became clearer and darker and more illuminating than before!!!!! at first it was a straight line after some minutes it separated into three! all of us with dslr cameras tok pics - but only ian and big matt had powerful lens to take pics of them! maike, harri, janja and me hugged!!!!!!! it was so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i was looking from the car window coz it was cold outside :P lol) THAT WAS IT!!!!! THE CROWNING GLORY OF OUR TRIP TO ICELAND! and it showed itself on our last day of camping!!!!!!! oh iceland.


we stayed for an hour looking at the northern lights - as the guys went back to the tents, and i tried to go back to sleep with dave snoring :D i could see the northern lights illuminating Þingvallavatn lake! while lying in the car - the horizon was just lighted by one of nature's most powerful art. i looked at it for 30 minutes before closing my eyes.

it was an orgasmic and cosmic experience here in iceland. iceland loved me, she gave me everything she got and i shared this love with the 16 people that i loved the first time i saw them. everything was perfect. the stars were aligned perfectly for us to do this trip, what the universe took millions of years to be created - we were under its shadows and stood in a single print of time - a situation that would never happen again.

iceland is just beautiful, a country, a land, an enclosed universe of desires and fragments.

i never felt so complete in my entire life.

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the crowning glory of our roadtrip…
the crowning glory of our roadtri…
the enigmatic sunset at Þingvalla…
the enigmatic sunset at Þingvall…
the beautiful lake and autumn ligh…
the beautiful lake and autumn lig…
driving towards Þingvallavatn.
driving towards Þingvallavatn.
thank you for your cheese david b.…
thank you for your cheese david b…
harri cooking sausage and beans :)…
harri cooking sausage and beans :…
our last wild camping spot :(
our last wild camping spot :(
on the road to Þingvallavatn.
on the road to Þingvallavatn.
harri taking a pic of the lake :)))
harri taking a pic of the lake :)))
maike, dave and erik swimming in c…
maike, dave and erik swimming in …
i stitched 3 pics of harri, janja …
i stitched 3 pics of harri, janja…
amber, maike, dave, ashi and harri…
amber, maike, dave, ashi and harr…
mountains behind the lake.
mountains behind the lake.
preparing to set up camp!
preparing to set up camp!
out of kaldidalur into Þingvallav…
out of kaldidalur into Þingvalla…
guys playing with flashlight - cam…
guys playing with flashlight - ca…
guys playing with flashlight - cam…
guys playing with flashlight - ca…
guys playing with flashlight - cam…
guys playing with flashlight - ca…
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