strangers in a strange land, an arctic tundra landscape in autumn.

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me, overlooking the valley of an arctic tundra landscape.

making our way into the interior of the mountain range by our 4x4 vehicles, the unbelievable colors of autumn was in full bloom! the sun was shining so brightly and the sky so blue! reflecting the colors of the landscape which was all shades and hues of yellow, green and red! BEAUTIFUL and it was only our introduction to the country of iceland.

as we got out of the cars and prepare to hike, i took off my jacket - it was too warm for me! i think the temperature was around 13°c very windy - but sunny so even if its chilly, i perspire easily. maike and big matt leading the way, we were surprised that the path was blocked by a rundown gate and fenced! uh oh, it would feel like trespassing if we went on, but i had to laugh as maike and big matt opened the gate and let everyone in like a herd of sheeps! hahahahahahahha i was one of the last person together with amber, mark and ashi to follow the others, since i took more pictures at the base of the hiking path and the river that crosses the mountain range.

amber and me! ^^

as the first group went higher, i stayed in the middle between them and the laggers - amber and mark LOL hhahha *peace* david b. wasnt far behind me and there were times that we walk together and say funny and strange things between us LOL hahaahahaha but i had to excuse myself from david b. because the landscape was too beautiful to pass by, i sat for a while, smoked while taking pics - mostly of myself lol and the hues and colors of the surrounding. david b. went on his way and followed the first group, as i went higher and higher - i could see the valley below with a small waterfall - the first of the thousands that we would see!

as i got higher and in the middle of two group - the first group were the climbers and athletes - the dutch group led by maike, then wilmke, erik and lieke - plus big matt, janja, harri, jeff, dave and rj.

after our hike! and david b. holding the travbuddy logo!
the middle group composed of david b. ashi, ian, mike and me then amber and mark trailed behind.

i really wanted to take my time hiking and not be too fast because i could only see this landscape once in my lifetime and i want to savor every moment of it.

i had been to many beautiful landscapes in europe - but its my first time to see a tundra landscape and i swear, to see it in autumn was haunting with rightfull mood of strong winds  blasting, it became a place of my solitude. getting higher at around 400-500 meters, i am now high were i could not only see the valley in it's unbelievable colors but also the deep blue color of the sea! that image was a single print in time that i would never probably see in my life again.

i didnt went up far at the peak, i stayed just below the shadow of it and waited for amber and mark.

group picture! first row sitting: ian, mike, dave, maike, ashi, amber, harri, wilmke, lieke. standing: mark, me, rj, janja, david b., big matt, erik & jeff.
the soft mosses and lichens that covered the mountains were so inviting to lie on, but i dont have waterproof clothes lol, eventhough they were dried, if they were squeezed - water comes out from them. after some group pics and some laughter, we headed back down to the cars and going down is one of the most beautiful downhill hikes ive ever done - beautfiul view of the sea while going down.

i had never traveled with these new travbuddies before, for sure i met some of them but only briefly and most i chatted with regularly, for me, were still strangers to each other, but after doing the first challenge of our trip to iceland, the strangers in a strange land slowly becoming close to each other, and iceland gave us it's first impression and introduction to it's beautiful nature - it's fiery colors.

lauro says:
thanks for the comment karolina ^^ unfortunately i could do better with taking pics but this was the time that i still dont know how to use my slr cam to its potential! lol ^^
Posted on: Jan 13, 2013
lauro says:
you are always welcome amri! :D
Posted on: Mar 02, 2011
Amrisalem says:
thanks for sharing Lauro
your blogs will be a main reference for my Iceland trip :)
Posted on: Feb 28, 2011
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me, overlooking the valley of an a…
me, overlooking the valley of an …
amber and me! ^^
amber and me! ^^
after our hike! and david b. holdi…
after our hike! and david b. hold…
group picture! first row sitting: …
group picture! first row sitting:…
amber sitting on the edge overlook…
amber sitting on the edge overloo…
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