it starts in iceland, where the winds are born and it ends in iceland where the winds were born.

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a little video summary i made from all the pictures in this extraordinary trip about the spectacular country of iceland. music: sæglópur (lost at sea) by sigur rós.

as my favorite writer quoted "if you desire something deeply in your heart, all the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it". the alchemist - paulo coelho.

finally, the trip to iceland has come to an end, and this blog entry is probably the most difficult for me to write. it isnt unlike the blog entries that i wrote day to day of what happened,  because they are easy to translate in words but this blog entry is very special and to string all the thoughts together is very difficult.

i remember,  12 years ago, a seer (and a very good friend) looked at my palm and read my future, she told me that, i am a person of the north. i do not know what "exactly" that meant - i took it lightly, i was young but after all these years, i realized that, i had the most extraordinary journeys (if i should say) if i headed into "north".

when i was a child, i used to imagine about being into certain faraway magical places.

the place in iceland that i was dying to see the most: the enigmatic and haunting troll rocks of reynisdrangar.
i often sleep with the stories and books of fairytales i read (which my mother graciously gave to me) that carried me into my wildest dreams, then came youth and gone where the fairytale books of prince and princesses, of dragons and witches - i fall into sleep listening to unfamiliar tunes and music, films andl iteratures of which none of my family or my friends or people understand. these kind of little things opened me up to realize that there are things beyond that needs understanding and when i reached the point that i am about to see the world, i was ready.

being in iceland, is like being back to my childhood and into my youth. to where i was put back in magical books, adventure and fantasy films that i had seen - to where characters endlessly journeyed to find objects of immortality, battling creatures and test of wills. i was straightly transported into another world as soon as i saw iceland from the airplane - a vast space of black and brown emptiness covered in white glaciers and ice caps.

the angels walked with me, guide me to the water's edge.
so desolate, so melancholic - but this is what i had longed for, i never in my wildest dream that i would set foot in the land as old as the vikings and as ancient as the glaciers that carved to form this majestic country and gave it life.

the earliest account of iceland i had read - was from my 6th grade book, "the flights of colors" - the thickest book i had to carry everyday for our english class full of literatures other than our own. in its last pages - it told the story of "surtsey" - a new (of that time) island that was born underwater from the fires of the earth. the small island belonged to iceland. which made me curious - of how a country was named "iceland" was it because it's only made of ice? i do not know.

after a year of planning, of research and gathering of the bold - iceland was within my grasp - but it was a very tricky plan - as weve set our date in autumn, were there so many objections - but our spirits never faltered - we took the challenges and it paid off  - for iceland in autumn is such a wonderful sight to behold! the land is bleeding with blazing colors of the arctic tundra - barren mountains contrasted with the hues of red, orange and brown infused with the whiteish and yellowish glow of the reflection of the sun into the glaciers.

i dreamed of the tundra.

of course, every journey has its obstacles - we camped in rainy and stormy nights - and the most challenging part was - the freezing temperatures - but you know the saying? everything happens for a reason - for withouth these hindrances - we would never witnessed beautiful and stunning sunrises, apart from countless rainbows that probably had pots of gold in their ends, we would never have probably experienced kind hearted icelandic people that let us camp on their farmlands, and the most spectacular sight of all - the elusive aurora borealis - the showed itself in our last night of camping to grace us with her presence as we successfully circled the country - she was the crowning glory of our trip.

of stormy skies and tempestuous weather.

iceland was generous to us, whenever i prayed for the appropriate weather to see the spectacular sites - she generously give in to my requests - most ardently, to the place i wanted to see the most, the place where i know that i would be my favorite place in iceland - the trolls rocks of reynisdrangar. where its haunting beauty drawed me even as i looked at it first time in the pictures - i was possesed. being there - it was what i had dreamed of - the weather was stormy and tempestuous - with raging waves lashing themselves into the shore and poundind their might against the ancient rocks - it was lonely, dreary and melancholic feeling - but i felt beautiful standing on the shores of a certain destiny. i know in my heart that it would be the first and last time i would see it, i savored every moment of it.

snaefellsjökull was made immortal through "a journey into the center of the earth" by jules verne. where the mystics believed that the glacier volcano has healing powers and the farthest place from home i've ever been.

iceland became immortal through the literature of jules verne -  the journey into the center of the earth. where he believed that the gateway into the earth's core was through the crater of one of the most enigmatic place i had been to - the volcano snaefellsjökull. to which for the mystics  believed has the power to heal.

iceland is a milestone in my life, although i never had traveled to many countries, it is the most northernmost and remotest place i had been to and snaefellsjökull is the farthest place i had been from home. a land of enigma and puzzle where everything must be created in the same order and manner to sustain life.

iceland, in my hand. "a grain of sand is a moment of creation, because the universe took millions of years to create it" - paulo coelho.
where the ice fit an important piece to restrain the fires beneath the earth from bursting - to devastate and then form a new life again - a cosmic cycle. a land where the beginning is the end and the end would be the beginning.

"a grain of sand is a moment of creation, because the universe took millions of years to create it" the alchemist - paulo coelho.

as our journey ended, hrabbi asked me, if iceland replaced my journey to the roots of my ancestors as my memorable travel experience - in the beginning before i absorbed everything - i told him no, because in spain, it is where i found love in solitude in the cliffs where the four winds of the earth circled my frail body but litle by little as i write and dream - iceland came close. they are both different experiences but share one thing in common - they are places where i can release the child in me and run through the wide open spaces barefeet and let the wind take me wherever i go.

sunset at the farthest place from home i've ever been to.

iceland, i thank you for your warmth in your cold arms, you gave me so much what i longed for - your beauty is spectacular for just the naked eye to see, it goes deep into the soul - you are so beautiful, that it hurts.

iceland, whenever the strong winds blows - you spoke to me, like a playful spirit that takes me into your own kingdom which you and i could only understand. the west wind took me in his arms and carried me to be a part of something wonderful.

iceland, you are my eden, my temple, my altar. you heard my prayers. you returned me to home.

i do not know if i would take another soul searching journey again, because i already found what i had been searching and looking for. perhaps the last journey i made started here in iceland, where the winds are born and somehow i felt it would end here in iceland, where the winds were born.


i dedicate this trip to my world history teacher in my senior year in highschool - who for all the criticisms i had, she continued to believe in me, who pushed me up to my limits until i became the top of her class (im proud to say that - im not bragging, but if it wasnt for her - i probably never would have dreamed beyond).

my eulogy to iceland. wind in the wires, by patrick wolf.
thank you ma'm T. and thank you for being proud of me.

and last but not the least.

to ben, it was different for me to make this kind of trip withouth you. i miss our bickering alot, i miss having mishaps and misadventures with you - you know?! those kind of idiotic things we do- but always coming out of the hole unscathed. ahhhh those were the days. but hey - i dedicate this trip to you - i always fell behind whenever we did adventures - but you patiently wait for me and helped me through tough endeavors - and in return - i always watched your back. thanks for being the greatest travel companion i had - i miss the gollum and poodle boy heebeejeebees :D lol but thank you for all. i made it withouth you - hey be proud of me :P - your little monkey.


*my cosmic sister - im sure we would travel together and surpass everything i did withouth you, we will run together barefeet hand in hand once more as we did when we were young* - your angel gabriel.


i love you mama and tatay - thanks for bringing me out :D

strategos says:
Posted on: Sep 07, 2011
lauro says:
i want to go back!!!!
Posted on: Mar 23, 2011
mcphistino says:
Absolutely fantastic blog, video and pictures! Congratulations Lauro!
Posted on: Mar 22, 2011
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