see the west wind move like a lover so... among the fields of gold..

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iceland in the palm of my hand. "a grain of sand is a moment of creation, because the universe took millions of years to create it" - the alchemist, paulo coelho.

driving out of ólafsvík - the clouds began to dissapear and came out again :D the weather in iceland really drove me nuts. we drove against the sun, we followed the narrow road along the coast and onto our left, the shadow of snaefellsjökull loomed. the snow line was now visible since the clouds dispersed, but it was hard to see in the window since - as ive said, the sun was against us and with the windows full of dirt and mud, it hurts the eye to look at it, i dont know how to explain but it felt as though looking into a prism.

then the guys decided to take a stroll in the beach, i havent been looking outside of the window to be honest, im busy doing something - i dont know what but i was busy! lol.

as i got out of the car - the guys were already playing in the beach, i took a look at the surrounding around me.

the snow line of snaefelljökull glacier and volcano hidden in the clouds.
.. it was so..... it was beautiful. if beauty could kill, i would have died right there on the spot - but no, the universe made us live to see the wonders it had created, that it took billions of years to create it. the elusive sun made an illusion with its last rays before dusk, its fading light gently illuminated the volcanic earth of iceland. the whole landscape just glowed in deep yellow and orange, the fading green of grass that would wilt soon in winter became gold, as the west wind gently swayed them, it created a synchrony against the lapping of the waves of the north atlantic ocean, more to the west lies greenland - supposed to carry bitter cold through the arctic wind, but here it felt warm, as the wind gently circled my body, i felt..... i felt that "something" i felt 2 years ago.
a waterfall in snaefellsnes.
.. where i stood into the land of my ancestors.

it was so beautiful here, everything in the cosmos aligned itself perfectly for me to see: the blue sky, the fading light, the golden glow of the surroundings, a waterfall falling from a cliff, the swaying of tall grasses, the gentle lapping of the waves of the north atlantic, skipping stones, the laughter and happiness of my friends and the gentle breeze of the west wind.

 ....... and that thought lingered for just a few moments, as i walked through the beach, i saw seashells! much of them were broken and i told everyone that they should find some souvenirs - like sea shells - its not expensive - but it will be a treasure of memories. maike gathered so many shells which were not broken - she gave one to me and i will cherish it.

the gentle waves of the north atlantic.

here at this beach - another milestone in my life would come to pass, this is the most west i could go, the farthest place place from home i would ever been. it felt scary to say the least - because i never thought i could come here while my legs are still strong to carry my frail body. where iceland, from the very start i set my foot in this beautiful country, it never failed to show me her haunting and spellbinding beauty and i know in my heart - in the last few days that we would be here, there was more to come.

i remember, as i stood in the cliffs where my ancestors came in the nothernmost part of an ancient land - as the tempestuous north wind consumed me, i found love in solitude , but here, in the most western and farthest place on the earth that i had been to, the soothing west wind brought me inner peace towards myself, that i could give love (i could not touch it, nor hold it - but i could feel it) and the love of my mother (and father) who brought me into existence that i could see how beautiful the earth is.

the sun in his jealous sky as we walked in fields of gold.
i could never really ask for more, i had seen what i wanted to see, i guess the "spiritual" journey i had been doing all these years will finally come to an end. i do not know yet of the conclusion, but i know i would be penniless but i would die a happy person.

we headed back to the cars and drove and drove as west as we could.

follow the winfd, into the west, among the fields of gold.

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iceland in the palm of my hand. a…
iceland in the palm of my hand. "…
the snow line of snaefelljökull g…
the snow line of snaefelljökull …
a waterfall in snaefellsnes.
a waterfall in snaefellsnes.
the gentle waves of the north atla…
the gentle waves of the north atl…
the sun in his jealous sky as we w…
the sun in his jealous sky as we …
photo by: lauro