rj: there's a whale! me: i saw it too and i swear i saw puffins!!!

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jeff pointing at the whales - which thank god he spotted them at last lol and amber wandering off in the distance :P

leaving the beach - it was time to find a camping spot near snaefellsjökull (we dont really had an idea of how "near" we were to the glacier volcano).

we hadnt drove that far - when the bandit radio-ed us that they saw whales swimming in the open sea! our car - the little shit lada followed through, while the ass killa didnt and parked itself somewhere frar from us. anyway - as we drove - i saw the tail of the whale plunged into the sea creating a typical whale whirpool (see so much in tvs :P lol) i excited told them that i saw it too!

as we parked the car long the coast - i swear i saw puffins nesting themselves in the cliffs toward the sea - i really told them that i saw puffins - but they wont believe me *sniff* lol or probably i was just high?! hahahahahaha anyway we went into the cliffs - which was about 15-20meters high and looked for the whales!

i dont know what's with jeff's eyes - but he couldnt see the whales swimming with their tails out of the sea - there was not one but two! they were so fast moving and a small ship was right after them! we were so worried that, that ship was hunting whales - but someone said - i dont remember exactly - it must probably a tourist boat sightseeing for whales - it made me relaxed! lol.

love this pic of the guys! it was poetic.

amber wandered away from us - into the edge of the cliff where i said that i saw puffins :P lol she probably wanted to catch a glimpse of them too :P - the ass killa radio-ed us to hurry up! we waited for amber which she took forever! lol hahahahaa as we got back inside the cars - apparently, the ass killa found a way towards snaefellsjökull. we followed the ass killa into a 4x4 gravel road!

lauro says:
the ass killa is too far to radio!!!!! i think?! lol or you dont have any interests?! because you sharply turned to the gravel road to snaefellsjökull!
Posted on: Nov 22, 2010
Globevoyager says:
we never heard you guy on the radio about the whales... sniff
Posted on: Nov 22, 2010
lauro says:
come on rj :D YOU know :P lol
Posted on: Nov 21, 2010
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jeff pointing at the whales - whic…
jeff pointing at the whales - whi…
love this pic of the guys! it was …
love this pic of the guys! it was…
photo by: ruxaa