preparations for the roadtrip and camping in iceland and gone were the heebeejeebees.

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my primitive passport.

sheesh, with all the work i did this summer, the trip to iceland was put in the back of my head. i was too tired and stressed out to even think of an "ice" on a "land". then i realized as i looked at the calendar and from the sudden pouring of messages in facebook from the entire team that would roadtrip and camp iceland - i would be leaving in 25 days! WHAT?!

yeah what?! was my what, because i couldnt believe that after 13 months of close planning, revising routes, encouraging people to join and other blah blah, and a big scare with that volcano that just exploded, a trip we waited for so long would finally be within our grasp.... or clutches? lol hahahhahaha.

i know that iceland is VERY expensive, flying from my city in germany - düsseldorf, is like paying a flight back to the philippines! so before i organized the trip, i searched thouroughly all the possibilities from cities all around europe from flying to iceland which is near to düsseldorf - britain was out of the question, since i can't go to britain due to sanctions blah blah.

my residence permit in germany :P
so i checked every possible capitals in europe that i am hoping to find a cheap flight - paris, brussels, amsterdam, berlin, luxembourg city, frankfurt, copenhagen, oslo, stockholm, helsinki, copenhagen and as far as warsaw. suprisingly, the cheap flights to iceland from continetal europe was to be found in the scandinavian countries. so it was down to copenhagen, oslo, helsinki and stockholm (where i can stay with my cousins). it was so hard narrowing it down, and i decided to fly from copenhagen, because denmark is ATTACHED to germany :P hahahaha its just easy for me to cross the border whether by train, car or a short flight. so copenhagen it is! it would also give me a chance again to ride the 12 hour train from düsseldorf and see the beautiful landscape of denmark.

then came these stupid heebeejeebees, actually i still have the old philippine passport - which is probably i am the ONLY PERSON from the philippines having it! arrrrghhhh.

my health card :D
its handwritten and not yet biometric and word has it, mind you, that immigrations around the world doenst accept handwritten passports anymore! what the fuck?! ahahahaha.

so what i did was do the logical thing: contact the embassies of denmark and iceland and they gave me the best news of them all :D all of it was rumor! ahahha i can still use my primitive passport for travelling!

so heebeejeebees - there you go! :D

so i got the flight for 212 euros roundtrip: copenhagen-keflavik-copenhagen with iceland air, train it from düsseldorf to copenhagen - 43 euros using deutsche bahn, then back to düsseldorf from copenhagen 55 euros with SAS air. congratulations lauro! you saved yourself 200 euros! hurrah.

aside from my rants and dramas blah blah, maike, my co-organizer had already taken care of the bookings of the hostel were all staying at and renting two 4x4s: a landrover 9 seater and a 4 seater lada niva! yay! bring on the bolsheviks! lol hahahaha.

train ticket from düsseldorf to copenhagen!

plus! another group will join us in the roadtrip led by dave and his army ahahahahahaha.

so our possible final camping nights will be:

1st night - skogarfoss (near to mýrdals glacier where the volcano erupted) hopefully its open that time.

2nd night - jökulsarlon icebergs - its free to camp in the mouth of the glacier.

3rd night - break from camping at a hostel in egilsstadir and or

4th night - camping in lake mývatn - free to camp but only in designated areas. its near to detifoss and the volcanic lakes of mývatn.

5th night - saudarkrokur - between akureyri and stadarskali - but with a fee of 1000 kroner around 6 euros with facilities.

copenhagen-keflavik-copenhagen ticket!
but if you dont want it, we can search more in the area for free camping difficult to search because the area is remote and not much infos on the net.

6th night - stadarskali.

7th-8th nights - suprisingly, we have 2 nights free as i had searched through. if we have this enough time - i would like to suggest to to go snaefelsjökull and the western fjords of iceland, its called "mini iceland" because every sights - volcano, falls, mini geysirs and such can be found in this area. its not fr from reykjavik - we can explore 2 days and 1 night before heading back to rekjyavik at before 12 pm to return the cars.





arrrghhhh still have to buy gloves and lonng underpants though!

lauro says:
thank you very much guys, well we cant promise that the trip will be "great" but im sure it will be memorable! :D

@ david - dont be such a wimp lol ahahahaha
Posted on: Sep 04, 2010
Koralifix says:
Congrats on being featured, Lauro! Great blog, keep writing and have splendid trip ahead!
Posted on: Sep 03, 2010
David says:
trip summary picture so scary!!!!!! ^_^
Posted on: Sep 03, 2010
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my primitive passport.
my primitive passport.
my residence permit in germany :P
my residence permit in germany :P
my health card :D
my health card :D
train ticket from düsseldorf to c…
train ticket from düsseldorf to …
copenhagen-keflavik-copenhagen tic…
copenhagen-keflavik-copenhagen ti…
copenhagen back to düsseldorf!
copenhagen back to düsseldorf!
photo by: Chokk