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me and the hens! lol (stole from robert!)

*LONG ENTRY AGAIN! too much happened in one night!*

back in reykjavik and our hostel from the exhausting trip today - from waking up early to return the cars then immediately drove to sólheimajökull glacier - hiked it and drove back again  - no wonder david b. and amber couldnt make it - i was wondering too if my body can hold up because in the next hour we will meet up for our travbuddy dinner!

i immediately hurried to take a shower! it felt so refreshing  - i didnt mind the sulfur smell of the water, the important thing was to wash after 3 days of no shower. then i was so worried because i dont have enough clothes - i wore all my clothes already and they were very dirty and smelled smoke - i asked if janja has still some deo spray and she gave me a quarter filled one - i sprayed all of them into my clothes! hahahahahah

after i put my 9 day clothes wihtouth washing :P i rounded up the guys to meet the other travbuddies who will only come to the meet up in reykjavik which me and hrabbi organised together! i rounded up the guys who wanted to go to reykjavik to join the meet -up while i was in germany while hrabbi organised the meet up event while he was in dubai! :P you cant beat that! hahahha

we followed the direction that hrabbi sketched at the map to café oliver where we will have a group dinner and finally REAL FOOD  for me! it took me and hrabbi so many discussions to which resto should we eat because dining at reykjavik is damn expensive! so after some constant research and communications - we agreed to café oliver!


dinner at café oliver

we got a little bit lost finding the resto - even though its smacked in the middle of reykjavik in laugavegur! lol we didnt knew that were standing in front of café oliver when a high voice greeted us! it was harriet and mark! finally i get the chance to meet harriet!!!!! weven been constantly chatting for almost 2 years in travbuddy! and i couldnt believe that we finally met and she introduced us to her boyfriend - mark.

the guys from the meet up! i love them!!!!!!!!! glad i was able to talk to all of them!
we hugged each other and the same time that hrabbi came out of the doors of café oliver! there was a huge commotion on that main street in reykjavik! harriet's presence was really something! so off we went inside café oliver!

there inside the long table - alyssa, sarah and ju were waiting for us! i sat in the head table LOL, they all forced me to! hahaha it doenst matter because as i sat down - immediately talked harriet, mark, alyssa and sarah about their daytrip excursion in iceland and what a beautiful weather today! it was finally great to meet alyssa who was famous in the group for flying to iceland and spending only less than 48 hours before flying back to the states! hahahahahaha and also sarah - i was so interested of the pictures she shared in travbuddy! they were so good! ju was a little bit far from me - so i didnt get the chance to talk to her on the table (but we would in the bar and in the clubs!)

as the waitress rounded up our orders - which harriet was dissapointed because she wanted to order the "catch of the day" and the waitress told her that there wasnt any fish left on the menu :P.

at our long table at café oliver!
the finally after waiting - robert came - so fashionably late! LOL hahahahaha apparently he thought about joining our group in the iceland roadtrip but he said that 10 days are too much as he wanted to explore more of europe :P lol.

as our orders came  - i ordered chicken noodle on soy sauce with coriander - erik fucking laughed about it because he said i ate noodles on the roadtrip then i ordered noodles again :P i told him this was the real stuff coz it had REAL MEAT on them and i pointed at harri who unbelievably ORDERED HAMBURGER again! hahahahahahahaha harriet was so dissapointed because alyssa had fish! lol and the other waitress hwho took harriet's side of the table said there weren't any fish on the menu :P lol hahahahaha well at least she enjoyed her meal!

there were lots of flashes and clicks or cameras before we left the resto! the next part of course - is the mandatory beer drinking! by the way i paid - almost 20 euros for my meal which was not a little bit bad - i didnt ordered beer coz it will be TOO EXPENSIVE at almost 8 euros each! no way! lol


nýlenduvöruverslun hemma og valda

first stop at our bar hopping is the bar with the longest name ive ever been to!!!!! hahahahahaha its called nýlenduvöruverslun hemma og valda.

at the cheapest beer bar in reykjavik! nýlenduvöruverslun hemma og valda bar!
as a person who lived in reykjavik - hrabbi knows where the cheapest beers were! so we agreed to go into this bar which was only across café oliver!

we went inside and i sat with lieke and ju - alyssa and sarah decided to call it a day and headed back into the hotel. i ordered beer which was - fecking 5 euros each glass!!!!!!! i pay beers for only 2-2.50 euros in germany! can you believe that?! lol and this bar was a typical student's bar! lol i also got to talk alot to ju! finally!

i smoked outside because its not allowed to smoke inside the bar and there was harriet, mark and erik - apparently i learned that its not allowed to bring the glass of beer outside - because icelanders really get nasty when they are drunk! they just throw the beer glass into the flow or anyone or aynthign that can be targeted! THATS NASTY! lol

anyway, the guys got bored just talking inside the bar and they wanted to dance! i talked to hrabbi wheres the best place in reykjavik to do that - so we packed up and hrabbi said were going to the best night club in reykjavik! we were excited!


austur nightclub and david b's promise!

we followed laugavegur into a crossing to where more action was! along the way - i got to walk together with big matt and we were laughing along the way - as he joked or meant - that he needs 18 year old girls :P hahahaha i almost fell laughing on the street as he pointed to some girls which were his type :P some were dressed like goths and others were in tutu dresses hahahahahaahaha.

harri and me at austur night club :P (pic from harri tb: matthew)

i pointed to a girl and i said to big matt that - that's for him and i couldnt believe what he said back to me - she looked 20 - too old for him! hahahahahah hahahahah hahahahaha i laughed till i choked on the street! hahahahahah

arriving at the night club called austur - oh my god - to be honest - im not a night club person anymore - i passed the stage already because i find clubs superficial and when we got there - of course - we had to fall in line and bouncers checked if people fit to go inside with their clothes - thats what i dont like the most. anyway - we went inside - and the gang started to dance - our place was reserved and a girl bartender told us that we could only stay for an hour and a half - fine with me! i was a little bit tired from everything and my back hurts. the dance floor was all through amber, maike and harriet!

i sat on the couch and david b.

maike, janja and david b. at austur! (pic from harri tb: matthew)
surprisingly gave me a glass of beer  - i said for what?!! he told me that it was his promise :P long story though! hahahahaha but i was thankful  - he sat next to me in the couch and he thanked me. he couldnt believe in front of his eyes - that i brought so much members from travbuddy into the most expensive destination in the world - iceland but credit also belongs to maike - for withouth her - this succesfull roadtrip would not come to reality!

as i went to the toilet - there was some drunk guy there who doenst want to leave :D me and ashi were there at the same time - then this drunk middle aged man kept talking to other men inside the toilet - like he was this, he was that blah blah blah shit - when all the other people were gone - he talked to ashi :P hahahahahahaha i went out of the toilet laughing anf found out that the group was splitted into two.

harri, david b. and mark at austur! (pic from harri tb: matthew)

some of the guys got bored - so they went to the previous club they went on the first night called b5, it was me, janja, harri, jeff, harriet, mark (harriet's beau), big matt, robert and ju that were left - we drank the last round and decided to follow the other guys into b5.

before we followed them some fight in austur happened (thats why i dont go to night clubs some silly people acting crazy and dont know how to keep level headed when drinking alcohol) the bouncers collared this guy and pushed him out of the nightclub lol.


b5 - wilmke's special chicken dance :D lol, harri's icelandic girls and its good to be me! :P

inside b5 - the music was just the same as austur but the crowds are much younger and the beer price didnt made any difference - around 8 euros.

us at b5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was harri's heaven :P lol
  before i can even settle some people asked me if i wanted a beer :P lol hahahahahahahaha well - the girls are lucky coz they are girls and they can have free drink and i'm lucky coz i am me :P people buy drinks for me lol hahhhahahaha but no, im not that person - so i told big matt that i just wanted to have a bottle of pepsi! - cheaper of course! coz i overheard big matt and harri talked that they spent already 90 pounds only on beer! my god! and that was like only 8-9-10 bottles?!!!! money just burns faster here!

i was a bit bored sitting and not being able to smoke so i went out to puff a couple of rounds - when i got out - there were so many people falling in line just to get inside b5 oh my god! and i saw beer glasses thats just broken because they were randomly thrown! good thing i wore my tough boots - so even if i stepped on them - my feet wouldnt get cut!

we started to dance and formed a circle - i joined wilmke with her special dancing skills lol - that was funny! hahahahhaa im trying to remember the name of a song that we danced  - it was a tune from the 80's lol! hahahahaha AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I REMEMBER! GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i was really laughing and dancing and i kept shouting that its my generation! lol hahahahaha then some stupid icelanders who obviously wanted attention just jumped into our circle - they didnt done it once, not twice but lots of times that i really got pissed so i sat down!

i wasnt even starting to get settled in my seat when i saw some butt ugly women flirting with harri and twirling his curly hair! hahahahahahha hahahahahaha i dont know if harri was polite or amused - but those girls looked like fisherman's wives! hahahahahaha sorry - but its true! lol then big matt came to me and told me to keep an eye on the bags! because he saw the one girl was creeping her way into one of our bags - i quickly took my bag with my cam inside it! :P lol

i was just sitting on the couch and having a laugh at the guys doing some out-of-this-world dance steps :P then david b.

me and david b.!!! ok seriously this was our last pic! lol see the same eurasian features on us?! :P
sat beside me - he too was tired and not feeling well.

then tiredness really really took its toll on me and tomorrow is the big day!!!!! the blue lagoon meet up - i told the guys im packing and heading home! lol i got the key and janja told me not to lock the door, just keep it open so that they wont disturb me. i walked alone to the hostel and i didnt knew that mark went back too - i was hungry and i fished for some cookies in my bag before going to sleep - mark was hungry too so i gave him a pack and i said goodnight!

arrrrghhhhhhh what a long day! from driving early morning from our last camping site, hiking at sólheimajökull glacier, dinner and travbuddy pre-meet up and then partying! my god!!!! i would die! lol

lauro says:
thank you sue! and btw i had met keiko finaly! :D
Posted on: Dec 02, 2010
mountaingirl says:
But at least that party war memorable, right! The photos look great :-))
Posted on: Dec 01, 2010
lauro says:
thank you for the complimnet harriet!!! it would not be successfull if all of you - aside from us that didnt came!
Posted on: Nov 04, 2010
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me and the hens! lol (stole from r…
me and the hens! lol (stole from …
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the guys from the meet up! i love…
at our long table at café oliver!
at our long table at café oliver!
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me and david b.!!! ok seriously t…
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