out of snæfellsnes *sniff* and eating at a fake KFC! lol chicken IS chicken!

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dave driving the shit lada!

coming down from snaefellsjökull - i felt really really really sad - its the end of our adventure, all we have to do was just to find a wild camping spot near reykjavik, set up the tents and tarp, cook, eat, horse around, sleep and drive to return the cars. i didnt showed the guys in the little shit lada what i really felt, i was joking and smiling with them, but i dont want this roadtrip to end.

dave was driving, ashi on the front and me and ian at the back - as we drove into the otherside of snaefellsjökull, we saw a sign that said "arnarstapi", it was a little town on the south side of snaefellssnes peninsula, we would just follow it and it will lead us to.... boring reykjavik.

we drove out of snaefellsjökull at around 11 am, the sun was up and i had to put on my sunglasses - first time the trip, to shield my eyes - eventhough the sun was coming from our back.

going down to arnarstapi from snaefellsjökull with the ass killa leading the way!
we just followed the road - same as usual - there were more sheeps than cars on the road. as i looked behind the window - oh bless me - snaefellsjökull in its mountain form greeted my eyes, it was so beautiful - the blue ocean contrasted with the dark base and glacier of snaefellsjökull. i really wish we should have stopped and took pics - but we needed to move on and get as close to reykjavik as we could be.

we drove into a deserted gas station - no grocery, no staff - just the gas station lol - this was the thing baout iceland - you pay pre paid gas cards of 10.000 kronur each and gas cars up in electronic gas stations. i was surprised by then, that harri hadnt eaten yet :( it was sad to see that the diner was abandoned - he looked pale from not having breakfast and he HAS to drive.

i sat with wilmke, amber and ian at the diner! :P (i stole this pic from rj :P)

so we drove after gas-ing up, then after a few kilometers, the bandit which harri was driving drove into a picnic spot, he really wanted to eat and make his english tea, but the others wanted to move on and so we did. this was the only tenseful moment in the trip. janja asked me if i still have hot water on my thermos but i said - i had tea in it and its not warm anymore. i was actually really tensed sitting in the shit lada thinking about poor harri.

finally were out of snaefellssnes peninsula - quite a bit sad and anti-climax story but i guess thats that - but i cant complain - soon, we drove into the town of borgarnes and received a radio from the bandit - harri's booming voice came in and he really wanted to stop and eat! so was i anyway - im dying for a smoke - as we went outside - the guys ran into the grocery and diner AND THE TOILETS lol.

i smoked one round and went inside the diner and WOW!!!! for the first time - roadtripping iceland for 7 days - there was CHICKEN ON THE MENU besides hamburger, on the picture on the board - it looked like chicken from KFC! BUT IT WAS SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE! 3 CHICKENS FOR 1600 kronur!!! are you kidding me?!!!!!!! i asked someone who wanted to share the chicken with me - since i cant eat them all - and ian was my victim :P we shared the chicken - and when our orders came - thes chickens looked liked PUFFINS! lol they were so small! hahahaha i said to ian grab two, ill eat one and the fries anyway - im  really craving for chicken - even if theyre small as puffins - CHICKEN IS CHICKEN! lol and if i ever see hamburgers ONLY on the menu again - i would scream and teach icelanders that there  are more than hamburgers to sell in diners! lol like potato salad! lol

finally harri got to eat and janja again came up to me if harri could borrow my thermos - what the fuck?!!! lol she or harri doenst need to ask that! i hurriedly went to the shit lada to get my thermos gave it to harri and told him to use it as long as he wants! he filled it with hot water from the diner and put some tea on it.

after a couple of rounds of smoke for me and rounding the guys up - we drove northeast behind rekyjavik - to avoid the toll gate of 1000 kronur per car!

it was such a lovely day to waste just sitting on the car :((((( haaayyy but what can i do? the adventure ended - i told myself to chill!

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dave driving the shit lada!
dave driving the shit lada!
going down to arnarstapi from snae…
going down to arnarstapi from sna…
i sat with wilmke, amber and ian a…
i sat with wilmke, amber and ian …
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