off roading into a dangerous mountain pass!

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raining so hard while driving through öxi mountain pass!

as we drove a bit into the "interior" of iceland and leaving the coastal route for the moment - we were greeted by two roads - the direction of the ring road of iceland - the main national highway and a gravel road. the ass killa (landrover defender) stopped ahead of us. there was a moment of pause - we dont know what's happening because the little shit lada was at the end of the convoy. there werent any radio warnings from the other two cars and we at the back doesnt know what's going on!

suddenly out from the rain, big matt and jeff appeared! he asked ashi to sit on the defender - he was at the wheel, with dave on the passenger seat - and jeff - sat with us at the back. big matt asked dave where the manual of the landrover was - after scanning the pages - he shifted the gear of the little shit lada into  A REAL 4X4 MODE! were gonna drive on the gravel offroad! fuck it! my heart felt a thud - excitement of course - my eyes lighted and i bit my lip - scared - probably - because the road will be wet coz its raining!

as big matt drove the little shit lada - my god! he was so experienced in manual cars and off road driving - he made the shit lada - a lada fun! hahhahaha.

the big man himself! bigg matt on the wheel!
what we did did was - the bandit (land cuiser) went first - the ass killa (landrover defender) and the shit lada the last. we drove upwards and i looked at the map - we were traversing the öxi mountain pass - as i looked for informations in the net - the highest point was only 552 meters - a baby compared to mountain passes i drove in the philippines and in the european alps. the problem was eventhough it didnt even reached 1000 meters, it has many blind corners - you never know that a car was coming in front and the road is really narrow and slippery makes it even worse from water cascading from the mountains because of the rain - makes it more exciting! :D but i trusted my life with big matt - i dont know why - he seemed to be the father figure of the group! lol.
öxi pass in east iceland!

the sky was covered by rain clouds and made the drive dreary and depressing - and from time to time - the walkie talkies were full of warnings "car coming ahead" - the notion of the "touristic" iceland was long gone! lol were driving on a road that leads to probably nowhere! kidding - but the map said that were heading to eggilstadir - the town were we would take a break from camping - but that was still the next day - before we do that we gotta find a camping place first!

i was so surprised that driving into öxi pass - we were driving up into a plateau! the bumpy road and the fatal cliffs were long gone - and in no time - i couldnt believe what i was seeing - vegetation - not moss nor lichens - BUT FORESTS and TREES can be seen! the drive was only around 20 kms - the landscape of iceland changesd again! oh my...... iceland... you never fail to amaze me!

now off we go to find a wild camping place!

gregorian says:
totally agree that Oxi bypass should be avoided during bad weather or at least during non-summer period. Our group ( 1st May 2011) were led to Oxi by the GPS, and at first we just enjoyed the scenic view of mountain road, then all of sudden the weather turned to foggy with frozen ice on the road side. It's definitely stressful to all of us driving in extreme low visibility in this narrow mountain road. Thankfully, we were fine gettting through this road!
Posted on: Jun 18, 2011
lauro says:
hey col - thanks for reading! it was raining so hard and water kept gushing on the road and slippery and there's no railing on the edge - the visibility wasnt great and once in a while cars would pass from the other lane so we had to be careful!
Posted on: May 09, 2011
ColV says:
I hear that the road has been much improved and sealed since I drove it about 20 years ago. The Lada I had then was pretty basic but quite capable.
Posted on: May 09, 2011
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raining so hard while driving thro…
raining so hard while driving thr…
the big man himself! bigg matt on …
the big man himself! bigg matt on…
öxi pass in east iceland!
öxi pass in east iceland!
photo by: lauro