not expecting to grow flowers in the desert, but I can live & breathe & see the sun in wintertime!

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driving into north-west iceland! see how the landscape changed from desert in the north east, to snow capped mountains in the central north and now - just steppes and table mountains!

driving out of öxnadalur valley and basically "following" the öxnadalsá river - the clouds began to disperse and for the first time - since hiking esjan mountain range the sun was up and shining so brightly! giving an edge to the landscape that were driving through - it was just so fantastic! even in cloudy days, the color of autumn were alive but as the sun shone through them  - it made it such a dreamy landscape - where i can run wild and be free!

i would repeat myself again - the icelandic landscape changes every 50-100 kilometers of driving - coming from the east where forests and high fjords were to be found - then driving through the north east were barren wastelands and arctic desert dominates the country - then from snow capped mountains in the north and in akureyri - driving through the northwest - the landscape was a huge steppe region! again, it felt like  werr not in "ice"land but somwhere in the steppes of mongolia.

the öxnadalsá river cutting across the valley!
.. wide open spaces, wild horses, brown middle to tall grass, table mountains and the öxnadalsá river snaking it's way through the earth.

i was mesmerised just looking at the landscape - ian taking pics, ashi and dave having conversations - while i listened to my mp3 player with my music and just dreaming as i looked out from the window.

it was just unbelievable, we just reasearched that october - would be the most "dismal" month in iceland - it would always be rainy and wet, but luck luck luck was really on our side - as we drove, it was dry and warm, that i had to remove my jacket and wore only a jumper. it was nearing winter, actually but as my roadtrip song said: not expecting to grow flowers in the desert, but I can live & breathe & see the sun in wintertime!

all the cars stopped in the middle of the road and we took a pic of a beautiful valley with the öxnadalsá river cutting through it! such a beautiful day! it was really amazing to see that after like 30-40 minutes we only saw 2-3 cars on the road! lol my battery died - great - so i have to use my AA powered camera - coz i was saving the other battery for the trip to snaefellsjökull! coz i am sure it would be so beautiful there!

then we got a radio from maike - she wanted to talk to me - i was scared :P lol but somehow we couldnt connect - am i being such a wimp or what?!! everytime i talk - maike fades - then someone told me that i have to push a button to talk :P hahahahaha technology isnt just me :P maike apparently wanted to ask my opinion if there is something interesting in the area to see - but i told her - that i couldnt find much informations in the internet in this part of iceland - so if they see something interesting - because they were the lead car - just stop there! lol

driving into this area of north iceland gives me somehow a peace of mind and soul i dont know why - maybe i am always travelling alone on trains and buses - and with my seatmate ian - who was always quiet on the trip - it made me step-by-step absorbing that we were actually in iceland - im serious when i said that.

an endless horizon of steppe.


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driving into north-west iceland! s…
driving into north-west iceland! …
the öxnadalsá river cutting acro…
the öxnadalsá river cutting acr…
an endless horizon of steppe.
an endless horizon of steppe.
photo by: lauro