in the middle of nowhere lies dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in europe & uhm a red dress?!

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dettifoss - the most powerful waterfall in europe! :D

still driving into the desolate part of northern iceland - the road seemed endless! the national highway of iceland n1 cuts through it, but it feels like were in the middle of nowhere! it took some time before another car passed us and when i said "time" it took forever! lol.

as we drove - the sky remained cloudy - with an eerie shade and hue of brown in the landscape, its like rusting iron. we drove a little bit faster here in northern iceland than we did in the south then suddenly, i saw a sign going to dettifoss! i told mark to radio the guys in the ass killa (our lead car) to turn back but they went on ahead - now that was strange.

we drove a bit more then 10-15 kms (something like that) until we turn to a sign that said dettifoss (there are two roads btw - the other one was the first one i saw).

my favorite shot of amber in her red dress amidst dettifoss and mist.
the road was gravel and offroad - but it wasnt bumpy as the one at sólheimajökull glacier, it was just a straight drive ahead.

it was unbelievable that the most powerful waterfall in europe is located in this deserted and desolate place! there's no vegetation - no mountains that water can fall through - we dont see any rivers - no nothing! if there's no sign that a waterfall is located here - no one in their right mind would drive here! but driving through - in the distance - we could see a huge mist coming out from a desert.

at last we reached the parking lot - there were few cars there too and lots of bulldozers - removing some crags of earth to use for construction. on the horizon, the mist just sprayed itself all over with a faint sound of thunder.

me, maike and amber! i was so wet - wrong clothes again lol

we got out of the car and followed the path! we thought it was near but it was not - still more or less one kilometer from the waterfall and my god! the path to it  was unbelievable - slabs of giant rocks were to see side by side like a small canyon. walking there . maike, me, dave and amber talked - that were going to play a trick on david b. :P and forced him to wear the red dress that amber's been raving about for a photoshoot in the falls! but i told them - it would be difficult - david b. is david b. he doenst talk, he doenst move - he's just there! hahahahah hahahaha :P

as we walked further - i thought it was raining - but it was not! it was the water spray from dettifoss. the small canyon leading to the waterfall seemed endless as finally reached the end of the path - OH MY GOD! I WAS JUST STUNNED! OH MY GOD! i couldnt even hear my voice with the thundering sound of dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in europe! ive never seen anything like this! only on tv and pictures! it was so different when i was actually there! great volume of water thunders down a canyon - IN THE MIDDLE OF A DESERT! i was just at lost for words - as the guys started to shoot pictures and enjoying this magnificent work of nature that laid upon our eyes!

the waterfall is not what you call a "beautiful" waterfall, we had seen too many waterfalls already - but dettifoss was so impressive than the others, although a straight drop to the canyon, hundreds of thousand of volume of water per scond flows down.

amber on the freezing jökulsá á fjöllum river that creates dettifoss ^^
as i got near dettifoss and admired the stunning volume of water rolling down with the sound of thunder - i was wet already, i did not have any waterproof clothes with me, i only had a jumper (wasnt cold to be honest!)

as ive read - the souce of the river that flows and gives life to dettifoss is at vatnajökull glacier which is hundreds of kilometers away and the river jökulsá á fjöllum runs into that desert landscape before it flows down to what is now dettifoss.

as i got back to reality - most of the guys had climbed up a hill above the waterfall and amber started to put on her red dress for her photoshoot - and would you believe that david b. wasnt to be found?! ahahah i think he overheard that we would gang up on him into putting that red dress on :P hahahahahaha.

harri ^^

for art and art's sake - amber endured the wind, the chill and the sprays of water to get the shot she wanted - with maike having the best angle.

erik and me had a conversation - something like i asked him why was he just standing there and he told me that (in german) that he's just looking and feeling the power of water that thunders down into the canyon - i was happy - to know that i wasnt the only one feeling like that!

after that photoshoot (difficult to have a decent conversation because it was so loud and we had to scream at each other) - the guys got hungry and headed back - but some guys wandered their way into another waterfall - are you kidding me?! a waterfall on top of a waterfall?! i must see it - im not hungry anyway! ill just eat in the car.

erik - the viking? lol

so i followed the guys down to another waterfall - selfoss - surprisingly again SURPRISINGLY - DAVID B. popped up like a jack rabbit out of the hat in the middle of all activities :P im really sure he heard us talking about him into putting on a red dress :P hahahahahahahahhaa

lauro says:
it was! its fun to travel with like-minded travbuddies! ^^
Posted on: Jan 14, 2013
khalilamod says:
Sounds like a great story of THE RED DRESS. As long as the excitement was there, it was probably worth every moment.
Posted on: Jan 14, 2013
lauro says:
oo di pa tapos yang blog :D nasa 6th day pa lang kami :P mahaba pa ito! hahahaha
Posted on: Nov 10, 2010
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dettifoss - the most powerful wate…
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my favorite shot of amber in her …
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me, maike and amber! i was so wet…
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amber on the freezing jökulsá …
harri ^^
harri ^^
erik - the viking? lol
erik - the viking? lol
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would you believe that the most p…
dave! watch your hands :P hahahaha
dave! watch your hands :P hahahaha
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photo by: Vikram