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the wettest morning we had from camping iceland!!!

i was not surprised i was the first person to get up - it was 7 am - the guys were still sleeping in their tents and in the tarp - they were tired and drunk from the little party in the private property we trespassed lol. so i still took a nap but it didnt worked - i slept so badly - even inside the car - and i swear to myself that i would only sleep in the lada from now on! lol

apprently - I AM AWAKE - cant sleep anymore - so i ate some crackers and drank some apple juice i bought from the grocery in djúpivogur. i put on my warm clothes, went outside and smoked and oh my god! hahahahah the place was so dirty - i cringed! we trespassed a clean private place and there were loads and loads of trash everywhere! amber was awake - she looked so groggy - most of the guys slept on the tarp - and there was a commotion about what happened last night! before i can even ask - all of them were telling the same story - BIG MATT HUMPED A POOR CHRISTMAS TREE last night! hahahahha hahahaah hahahaha hahahahaa.

then i looked at the tarp - oh my god! the guys were huddled there sleeping from last night! :D it was cold - a bit - not much - but still! well anyway, they were drunk :P their body heat must be functioning really well with alcohol! lol hahahahaha.

now everyone was awake - and started to pack their stuff - it was a bit late actually - normally by 8 am we would all be ready - but this was an exception :P with all the hungovers from partying last night :D. so like what i said everyone was now arranging their stuff, cleaning the place pf our trash - EHMMM THEIR TRASH lol hahahaha and eating a bit - someone was missing! - BIG MATT! lol apprently he was still in his tent dozing off lol.

i went to maike and asked her what was wrong and she really pointed to me - the poor little christmas tree that matt humped :D it was a wreck :D i dont even want to think about it - if that was a real woman :D lol hahahaha hahaah hahahaha hahahaha.

finally big matt was awake! lol he looked aweful :D but im sure he will be refreshed from the break of camping today! i asked him how he felt - he didnt even know :D but poor big matt :( he was limping :( humping a tree can really be exhausting :D hahahahaha he showed me his scratches and wounds from his stomach and they really look aweful! i wish i couldve stayed last night :P

as we packed the last things inside the car and ready to move - maike suddenly said - LOOK THERES A BLOOD ON THE CAR! the ass killa's front door had blood stains on it! aaaarrrghhhh if it werent for big matt's hoolaaboolas last night - it couldve been some wild animal lol hahahahaha but no, big matt was so messed up last night! aaarggghhhhhhhh it looked serious!

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the wettest morning we had from ca…
the wettest morning we had from c…
photo by: lauro