a lunch stop at hrútafjörður and up close the gentle greenland sea.

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hrútafjörður and the gentle greenland sea.

a very very very long drive through the north of iceland - from öxnadalur we finally stopped at borðeyri, a city - or a very small town that lays at hrútafjörður. we stopped here for a quick lunch before heading to our main destination at snaefellsjökull.

we drove into a gravel road - into the fjord and eventually to the greenland sea - it was a beautiful warm afternoon - i dont exactly remember the time - but i think it was around 12 - 13 pm. some of the guys started to cook - while they were boiling water for their food - they clowned around and as usual - rj made a fool out of himself - biting an apple while doing some gymnastic skills - but he ended up looking like a piglet skewed on a pole :P lol hahahahahahah hahahah hahahahahah hahahahahah

before i could burst myself laughing and totally lose control (thats dangerous coz if i laugh, i really laugh till i choke) i went to the edge of the beach and tried to take pics of some interesting things that washed themselves up shore.

curious objects i found washed ashore on the beach.
while i wandered away from the loud laughter of the guys and the sound became faint - it was the actually the first time i heard up close the gentle lapping of the waves of the greenland sea. i really expected them to be so tempestuos and wild but i guess, the fjords cuts the intensity of the water and rolled them gently through the fjords.

i found some interesting pieces of things on the shore  - seaweeds, kelps,  an unfamiliar plant, some live mussels attached to the roots of seaweeds, colorful stones, plastics and many more.

i sunned myself for some minutes - before heading back - the guys started to eat as their food was ready. i went up to erik - because the guys - lieke, harri, mike and me paid him the ticket way back in reykjavik for the bus ride - so the guys wanted the money back coz they gave me 5,000 kroner each and i have to pay them back 2,500 kroner.

the small town of borðeyri.
as i got the money i handed each guys their share - i went to the back of the shit lada and made my kjúklingur sandwhich - oh that was yummy - finally some meat after 2 days! munched a couple of slices of cheddar chesse - but i was still hungry and i remembered i still have mango-pineapple jelly! made that for lunch as well! while i was eating - i saw amber doing the thing i did - just enjoying the sun and taking pics - and also big matt - it was the first time i saw him single himself out from the grou - he just walked by the beach all by himself - probably thinking where to find christmas trees to hump... lol hahaha

maike and me started to talk and i told her.... only 2 nights left more in the roadtrip and it would be over.... she knows and she felt sad, me too - i really dont want to think about it.

an unfamiliar plant that i do not know of.

after all the guys had eaten - it was time to go! i hope the weather would stay like this - because the colors really come out alive and its much fun to camp at night if the weather is clear.... and oh the northern lights too...

so ashi drove on the shit lada again, together with mark, ian and me - followed the ass killa and the bandit!

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hrútafjörður and the gentle gre…
hrútafjörður and the gentle gr…
curious objects i found washed ash…
curious objects i found washed as…
the small town of borðeyri.
the small town of borðeyri.
an unfamiliar plant that i do not …
an unfamiliar plant that i do not…
photo by: lauro